Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Talk to me about LOST!


So I lost my camera some time ago, apparently around the end of November, and didn't want to blog without pictures. But over the last couple of weeks, I've gotten some of the nicest notes from people wondering where I'd gone and if everything was okay. I was so touched that people even remembered I used to blog, let alone care enough to reach out and check on me! (Thank you!) And wouldn't you know it... we found my camera not long ago to boot!

Life is crazy busy, but good. Really good.

But today, let's talk about LOST! Do you watch? How do you feel about the new season and all this sideways alternate reality stuff?

I'm not sure how I feel yet. I feel like any and all theories are up in the air and wouldn't be surprised to see Johnny Depp arrive in a pirate ship and flip the sea upside down at this point. Any logical progression of expectations seems to have been ripped out from under me and, well, this unsettles me.

And what's with the "The time for questions is over... now is the time for answers." What answers? Where? All I have are more questions. Argh.

Anyway, my favorite part last night was the wheel in the lighthouse!

The wheel showed 108 as being somebody named "Wallace" whose name had already been crossed out. Hmmm. Who do you think is coming to the island??????

Oh, btw, I did finish the flame socks... but can't find my camera again... sigh.