Sunday, March 09, 2008

Plodding Along

Did you know turtles can climb? Maybe everyone knows this but it was news to me. A neighbor gave us a couple of Red-Eared Sliders that are, without a doubt, the easiest pets we've ever had. Of course, that's assuming we're past the years of toddlers dumping full jars of fish food into a tank to "help". (Incidentally, fish don't just grow bigger and bigger until you need a swimming pool to hold them as the childhood tale would have you believe.)

Anyway, they do climb. It's fascinating to watch really. And they aren't as slow as I'd been led to believe. No... slow is a 10 year old picking out baseball cleats. Agonizingly slow actually.

So frustratingly slow that it provoked a brief lapse in the calm, cool, model of motherly kindness that I usually posture when I'm shopping with 4 of my children at a time.

After an hour of watching other customers come and go while my 8 yo begged for scuba diving gear and JoJo demonstrated his endurance for whining, I felt I had earned a pair of the Mary Jane Crocs that were on display right in the middle of the shoe section.
However, in spite of the extensive time and care spent selecting the perfect cleats, I was informed soon after we got home that they "bothered" his feet. He offered up some lame excuse of feeling "stressed" at the store. I explained that I was merely simplifying the decision for him when I requested the salesman bring us one pair of everything under $40 in his size then directed him to choose one "NOW".

Although I briefly debated the idea of telling him to tough it out, deep down inside I knew a good mother would sacrifice both time and money to ensure her child's comfort.

I got this Saturday when we exchanged the shoes.
Speaking of baseball, I finished a pair of socks at our first games yesterday...
Duet Socks

A Swell Yarn Duet Middy in Bauer Blue with forethought heel on size 1 needles.

The heel put up a decent fight but I think we managed a compromise in the end when I went back and stitched up some gaps at the color change with extra yarn. The yarn itself feels wonderful and the thin stripes of color delight me to no end.


Lydee said...

LOL! I did not know turtles could climb! Did this one climb out of his cage and take off?

How funny! My oldest is "careful and methodical". In other words, she's painfully sloooooowww.

Love the socks!

sophanne said...

baseball? Did you say baseball? Is it true?" woo hoo

Kaity said...

I love the socks, the thin stripes are totally cool.

mom said...

Hey, if you got those cool Mary Janes PLUS a new bag, I say all the agonizing was well worth it! hee hee

Tammy ~@~

Laura said...

Love the Crocs and the socks!

Anonymous said...

Kids are so much fun to shop with aren't they? (sarcastic laugh)

We get to drive to Lake Elsinore from Brea every Sunday to watch the grandkids play t-ball. We're SO glad they are both on the same team this year, so that it's only one game. How many games do you get to watch each week?

I think you most definitely do deserve your new purchases. Nice socks!!

Michaela said...

Nice! I think you deserve something for putting up with that too. My husband got me a pair of the Mary-Jane crocs for my b-day last month and I LOVe them. They're so comfy!

Donna Boucher said...

Cute shoes. Great socks.

I happen to love the art in the book A Fish Out of Water.

A book about what happens when you disobey. Scary!

"give him only this much, and no more, or something may happen, you never know what...."

Yarnhog said...

Oh, I feel your pain! My youngest son is more than a little OCD--not in the, oh, isn't that cute, he's so picky sort of way. More in the re-tie his shoes seventeen times because the bows have to be perfectly straight and even and even then he has a screaming meltdown at school because his socks feel "funny" sort of way. The I'll only wear one type of pants and then only in black or navy and only with a white t-shirt sort of way. No fasteners, of any kind. And seams? Oh sweet heavens, clothing must not have seams. The fact that they are necessary to hold the fabric together is irrelevant. Shopping with him is an ordeal of epic proportions. He played football last year and was required to wear a mouth piece and cup. Wanna guess how "funny" those feel?