Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Oops... I showed you the blocking of Caricia, but forgot to post pictures of the finished knit in action. I don't think I've ever mentioned this before, but very few things make me feel as goofy as modeling a finished knit. Add a 10 year old photographer to the mix and well, you get what you get... but here it is.


(I just hate the back of my arms... cropping above the elbow is becoming essential for my own mental preservation. And Honey, suggesting that I just need to go to the gym is not going to make me feel better.)


Don't be deceived by the goofy photos though... I love this shawl. Love it! I love the lace pattern, the colors, the yarn... all of it. I wore it to church on Sunday as pictured.

Caricia by Anne Hanson (who is quite successfully keeping my love of lace alive)
Malabrigo Sock yarn in "Indiecita" (1 hank)
Size 4 KnitPicks Options.


Sheila said...

Love it! I don't even knit shawls, but I would totally knit this one. That is gorgeous!

Lydee said...

gorgeous! and love that heart pin!

Knitter said...

It's beautiful, Tammy! I love it!