Monday, September 14, 2009

Blogging while Teaching

The finished knits are actually starting to stack up so I finally grabbed my husband for a few pictures yesterday. I am presently attempting to coax my youngest through a phonics lesson explaining as we go that I'm not the one who needs to learn to read so it is useless for me to read the sentences in his workbook for him. I'm not sure if we'll ever move past short vowels at this rate.

While I torture him with a page of his workbook, I thought I'd put up a few pictures of the Aspen Leaf Shawl that I finished a week or so ago.

Aspen Leaf Scarf

I knit this with a wonderful hand painted cotton from Araucania called Lonco. It's fingering weight... and it didn't take me long to reconsider the sanity factor of knitting 400+ yards of lace with slippery cotton but fortunately the pattern was enjoyable and it knit up quickly once I got the feel for it.

Aspen Leaf Scarf

Although 2 hanks of yarn were used for the scarf/shawl that I originally saw in the store, I decided that I was done one would suffice and finished it up with less than a yard of the first hank left over. The result was a scarf 13" x 66" which seems just right to me.

Aspen Leaf Scarf
(Goofy husband face)

Sneak peeks...



Simply me said...

That is gorgeous! I love that color.

Chrisknits said...

No way! I have yet to finish the Ishbel I started in June!!! All look lovely.

Charity said...

This is beautiful, Tammy - the colour is great on you! :o)

Knitter said...

gorgeous, gorgeous and gorgeous! I love your projects, Tammy!

Stefaneener said...

Tammy, you aren't by any chance related to an Amy who works for the Raiders, are you? You guys look eerily alike. . .

Lovely knitting!