Sunday, October 25, 2009

Full Speed Ahead

This is my view in the car these days.

AJ driving

travis drving

Yep... I have two (2!) teens learning to drive. For some reason, my oldest seemed rather unmotivated to get his driver's permit. He took Driver's Ed, got all the paperwork and signed up for Driver's Training... but was always too busy to go to the DMV and take the test. Until the day after his younger brother turned 15 1/2.

Travis, being rather competitive by nature (not sure who gets that from *ahem*) was armed and ready to get his permit and just had to await some paperwork when the day came. So, within a week, he got his permit as well.

Which plunged me into the insanity of being chauffeured around town by two teens.

Fortunately they are both good cautious drivers. But even so, I'm not quite sure how to prepare a driver of any age to maneuver the So Cal freeway system. Travis took me on the freeway the other day and did a fine job, but when we hit standstill traffic on the way home, we opted to exit instead of changing lanes and took side roads home. Deeeeep breath.

I realized that I never posted pictures of my finished Clothilde.


The pattern was very enjoyable and I could see knitting another one in the future.


I used Handmaiden Swiss Sea Sock in "Blooming Orchid" and let me tell you... next time I have some money to spend on yarn, I'm gonna be snatching up as much of this as I can get! It is silky soft and amazing!

Today I'm going to work on my February Lady Sweater and listen to an audio book. I hope.


km said...

I first learned to drive in a full sized Ford van. I had little cars after that until 2004 when we bought an Expedition. I felt right at home as soon as I sat in the driver's seat. I guess it makes sense. Love the scarf. I should finish my first one this week. Only 5 rows and the BO to go.

marit said...

Only two weeks left until #2 can start practising...he "only" needs to get his permits first...#1 has been practising for over a year already (they can start when they turn 16, but don't get a license until they are 18). I can't say I'm looking forward to the holidays, with both boys at home at the same time, and fighting over who's going to drive!

Great scarf/shawl!

betty said...

I have some friends whose son never learned to drive during his high school years. He didn't want to bother because he always had a posse of girls who were willing to give him rides!

Ruthanne (in Seattle) said...

Congrats on the scarf - it's gorgeous. Hopefully in the near future you will reap the pay-off of having at least one other driver. . . one of those benefits is more knitting time!

Good Yarns said...

I know this sounds dumb, but I can't believe how quickly they grow.
And that shawl is beautiful....I think that yarn is so lovely!

Spudknit said...

I think the Clothilde is calling my name. I am seeing it everywhere and all of them look gorgeous including yours!

Good luck on the teen driving. My oldest is 9 and I am hoping that living a block from the high school will mean she will never need to learn. (Can you say denial?)

Becky said...

Cody didn't seem all that interested, either. Now he's already 16 and just getting his permit. I wasn't interested in getting my license either. My parents would never let me go anywhere anyway. I didn't get mine until I was grown and pretty much had to.

momtofivekids said...

I also have two teen drivers! My oldest son has had his license for a year and my 2nd son just finished drivers ed. It's so great when they can drive themselves and their siblings to all the many activities they go to.
BTW-This is my first time to your blog. I was nominated, too! :)