Saturday, November 15, 2008

And more knitting...

I actually finished these socks a week or so ago, but was trying to pace myself with blog fodder.

Alana Toe-Up Socks

Pattern: Alana Socks by Wendy Johnson
Yarn: Tempted Yarns fingering in Moonlight
Size 0 needles

It's a toe-up pattern which I'm starting to like but it still doesn't come as naturally to me as the traditional top-down. I really like the style of the socks and think they'll look great with my black mary-janes. The yarn was wonderful. Of course, I rarely meet a sock yarn I don't love.

Ironically, I am finally getting around to posting the finished socks on a day when we are experiencing the same smoky skies that motivated me to start them. We are experiencing horrible dry, hot winds with temps around 90! Fires are raging again and unfortunately quite a few homes have been lost. Pray for our firefighters... and the many who have come in from other states... as they battle these fires. They are just an amazing group! And pray for the families who are in the fire zones. Thanks.


mom said...

I've thought about you a lot lately as I've read the wildfire headlines in California. Praying for all those who are directly affected!

BTW, beautiful socks :-)

Tammy ~@~

Maria said...

Those socks are absolutely gorgeous!!!

The Meity Road Trip said...

Those socks are too pretty to be covered up by long pants. Hope you are doing all right with the fires and your allergies. Miss you!

km said...

Those are great socks. I do love my wild/vibrant socks, but I'm thinking I need some subtle socks to go with things I actually wear.

The fires are everywhere again, but this time I could see the flames from my backyard. They've never been this close to us. Not sure what today holds. We're waiting for updates from all that were evacuated.

Sarah said...

I love the detail on those, they're great!