Monday, January 05, 2009

Socks and Football

Don't fall of your chair... but I have another finished knit to share.

Rattlesnake Creek Socks (how could I resist?)
Fleece Artist Merino 2/6 from The Loopy Ewe (my favorite addiction)
Fun... fun pattern! And free.

Now I must run. It's a BIG night for us. DH and a few of the boys are at the Fiesta Bowl where our wonderful nephew...

will be taking on the only college team I've ever rooted for my entire life..

I am Switzerland... and wearing blue. Well, actually I'm gonna grab my OSU sweatshirt but I'll be happy either way.


Lydee said...

love those socks! have fun at the fiesta bowl!

Becky said...

Every time they show a shot of the crowd, I wonder if one of those people is you.

P.S. Didja do what I asked you to? :)

dawn said...

My hubby likes Texas and I love OSU so we didn't know who to root for.....Texas won so I guess it's all water under the bridge. Good game though.

Sarah said...

What a cool shot of him!
Those socks look great- I love cabled socks.

Good Yarns said...

The socks are wonderful....I bet they're warm, too! Is it still cold there?
And the football....? All I can say is better you than me cause I don't really remember the rules anymore. (Don't tell anybody.)

5elementknitr said...

We watched that game - it was fantastically exciting! I'm glad Texas won. We're Husker fans and hate OSU (sorry).

Marylu said...

Love OSU - sorry they lost!!!

What colorway is that? Is it the Ivory?

km said...

Beautiful socks. Did you knit in the Texas colors as a gift? I seem to remember seeing some yarn, but don't know if that ever made it to FO status.