Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Tea Anyone?

I'm boring. There... I'll just say it right up front. DH was out of town for a week, basketball season is in full swing, we've been enjoying some rainy days, and I've watched Mamma Mia at least a half dozen times. In other words, I've been busy.

I'm over halfway done with Ene's Scarf (and loving it!) and about halfway done with my Noro Clapotis. Both are great knits but not very exciting pictures.

Anyway, on a tangent here... Regardless of political affiliations, I've been talking to more and more people who are cringing at the debt that is going to be delivered to our children's generations by the mad-men (and -women... wouldn't want to leave Pelosi out... uh-uh) in DC who are living out the dream that money grows on trees.

So, I'm going to redirect you to the site of a blogging friend of mine who got out of her house to make a difference last week. She and her husband attended a Tea Party in their town to protest the DC pork and share their own story. She even got some national media attention!

Please visit TrafficKnitter... and Susan, I want to say thank you for speaking out!


Lola said...

Another blog to add to my list - thanks! If there is another tea protest party here in DC (which I'm sure there will be), I'll try to go.

Sarah said...

We've got a mess that's just getting bigger everyday. Gives me a stomach ache thinking of the long term hole we're going to have to climb out of.

km said...

It makes me ill to think about it. It's one of the reasons I think about moving somewhere rural and going 'off the grid'. I think I want a way out.

Charity said...

I'll have to check that out!

I'm glad you're liking Ene's scarf - I've had the pattern queued for ages, and am waiting to see yours! :o)

Auntie Pudentaine said...

Thanks for the link to She Knits At Traffic Lights!! What a great post! I wonder how all of those were organized, do you know? I would have happily gone to something like that if I had known of something anywhere near here, even if it meant driving someplace.

I have a couple of interesting things I've been listening to online. Let me know if you want me to send you the links :-)