Saturday, April 04, 2009

Under the Sea and Under the Weather

Finished: One pair of Under the Sea socks in Handmaiden Casbah (the ultimate in sock yarn I might add). The color was a special dye lot for The Loopy Ewe sock club and the pattern was especially designed for the yarn by Sharon Hart.

I am crazy about Handmaiden yarns... not only are they all high quality but they manage to blend beautiful colors that never pool.

Ongoing: The 2009 family flu... 4 days of fevers, chest congestion and misery. So far my oldest son and I are the only ones who've escaped it but realistically it's just a matter of time. Unfortunately for my poor children, compassion is not a strength of mine to begin with (and probably why God never saw fit to give me any little girls) so I'm good for about 48 hours of care taking before I have to start struggling with my inner self who begins to feel, well, annoyed and starts saying soothing things like, "The moaning isn't going to help."

Anyway, #4 came down with it first. Since he's my Mamma Mia buddy, this gave us an excellent excuse to relax with yarn and a movie. When #5 awoke ill, it meant a trip to Blockbuster for Bedtime Stories (cute), Bolt (I took a nap), Marley and Me (I'd rather not talk about it), and more Pierce Brosnan although (and this is where things begin to take a drastic turn) this time as James Bond in, well who knows, Somebody Never Dies.

With the collapse of #2 and #3 then DH, Bond and Transporter flicks have taken over... with Lethal Weapon in the line up. I did grab An American Carol but have yet to convince anyone that they would really rather watch a comedy.

So I knit... and I read (and I go to the store for more Gatorade). I'm currently reading Atlas Shrugged and have The Lace Reader on the iPod for audio back-up. However, I've found that the narrator of The Lace Reader has a soothing voice that, in spite of the interesting story, puts me to sleep.
Aside from being completely boring, I did finish the socks and make some good progress on Slinky Ribs. (Making note to clean the bathroom mirror in between pouring Gatorade and distributing Motrin tomorrow.)

I'm really taking the time with this sweater to take advantage of the measuring opportunities knitting a sweater from the top down provides. I found that I had to make the armholes longer and the neckline a bit lower for the fit that would work best for my shape. I'm really enjoying the Silky Wool and it's light enough that I'm inclined to go for the long sleeves after all. (I know the picture is less than flattering, but it's less boring than no picture at all, right? Right.)


km said...

Feel better everyone. And if (when) mom is sick, all your kids better be driving to the store for more Gatorade for you.

I love the Slinky Ribs. I'd been eying that pattern in the book. I really want the right yarn for this one though. I don't think I'd be as happy without it.

Socks look great too. What kind of heel is that?

Chrisknits said...

Hope everyone feels better soon, and that you escape the evilness! I have to struggle to not say "Put a sock in it!" to my sickies.

Yarnhog said...

Oh, dear. I hope they all feel better soon...for your sake. I'm a terrible nurse. I find sick people annoying and, frankly, gross. And I don't think they appreciate me saying things like, "Oh, man, don't COUGH on me!" and "If you throw up again, you're cleaning it up!"

Bonnie said...

Hope everyone is feeling better soon.

You caught up with me on the Slinky Ribs, now for the very very very boring stockinette bottom. Going round and round and round makes me dizzy:-) I wish there was some way to make it go faster.

Kaity said...

Hey, I'm making Slinky Ribs, too! It seems to be taking me forEVER though.

Marylu said...

Love, love your socks! Hope you all feel better soon. It's no fun when the whole family is sick.