Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lazy Summer

I can't really say this summer has been a busy one... no big vacations... no rushing or chaos. No, I'd have to say it's been a pretty relaxing one. The kids have kept busy riding their bikes all over town except for JoJo who had something far more important to do.... learn to swim.

After spending July 4th floating in a jacuzzi with a life jacket...
Summer 2009

we coaxed him into some lessons. Last year he wanted nothing to do with the pool or the teacher, but this year he was ready and willing.

Swimming Lessons

And in no time at all....

Swimming Lessons
he was ready to fly! Well... at least swim. :)

The mega electronics store is always a fun trip with the kids.
Summer 2009

Okay guys, let's go....
Summer 2009
Come on now... let's go... pleeeeeeease!

And who doesn't love a good rib and cob sculpture.
Summer 2009
And yes, he ate that all and then some.

I've hardly seen my oldest. He seems to either be at football practice, working out, or sleeping. I must remember to get a picture of him.

I think the best discovery of our summer though has been Harry Potter. None of my children had ever been interested in reading the books until this summer. Although he could read them to himself, my 10 year old and I have been enjoying reading them together... and now my youngest has started listening in as well. This is the first time any of my boys have so thoroughly enjoyed a book and I am delighted.

Now, I need to turn my attention to stacks of dusty school books that need reorganizing for the new school year that's approaching, and get textbooks ordered for my teen's high school classes. Sigh... denial will only get me so far.


Chrisknits said...

Have you seen any of the movies? Elder is mad because as they have gone along the content is less devoted to the books. This last one was the worst for not following the story line. But, since I have not read all of them, I am quite fine with the movies.

Lydee said...

love all those pics. don't know why i keep forgetting you have 5 boys!

Yarnhog said...

Looks like a great summer to me. (And I sympathize about the electronics store. Oy.)

I read the first four Harry Potter books aloud to my kids three times. By the time the fifth came out, the older one could read it to himself and the younger one was reading easier books independently. But he really wanted to read Harry Potter to himself, and just recently finished reading the entire series--it took two years of steady reading(he's nine now). I feel like they've grown up with Harry Potter, and I'm sure those books caused them both to develop much faster as readers than they otherwise would have.