Saturday, July 02, 2011

This is SO Wrong!

The Unique Sheep creates amazing gradiance yarn collections for socks, scarves and shawls.  They dye the skeins in a series of complementing colors which, when knit in an overlapping series, create a beautiful gradation of color.

I got this sock set in the colorway Nox from Simply Sock Yarn.

The pattern pictured is from the book Sock Club which is a collection of different patterns from a variety of sock knitting clubs. 

I really enjoyed the yarn and the color changes kept me really amused.  So amused in fact that I ignored my gut need for symmetry and went with the mismatched concept.  It's a good thing that I really enjoyed knitting these...

because I would surely develop some sort of nervous tic if I were to ever actually wear them.

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mom said...

You know, I have yet to see anything that you've knitted that could be classified as bad news knittery. Soooo, if you really don't like these mismatched socks, you know where to send them......just sayin' ;-)

Tammy ~@~