Sunday, August 14, 2011

Family, Football and Fiber

After the NFL lockout and questionable forecast for the new season, we were definitely ready for some football!  Even more exciting was the call that our nephew, who had recently graduated from the University of Texas, had been picked up by the Seattle Seahawks and would be playing in their first pre-season game in San Diego... a mere 3 hours from us!
Football and Family in one fine day?!  One word... Awesome!

We got there early to watch John warm up.  Poor guy... we shouted and waved when he came on the field as if he was taking the field for his first Pee-Wee Football game.  He obliged us with a polite nod. 

And the proud Texas papa who was ready and willing to trade in his UT burnt orange for some Seahawks pride.  :) 


We had great seats in the 4th row!

Everyone had a fabulous time.

And you certainly can't let that nacho cheese go to waste! (Especially at stadium prices!)

My 17 year old brought along his sweet girlfriend.  (I love having a girl around!)

But then things got a bit confusing/stressful/exciting in the second half.  See, our nephew was supposed to play the 2nd half of the game.  (Still great.)  However, the Seahawks decided to score every time they got the ball in the 2nd half except once.  And thus the inner conflict.  See, we have been fans of our nephew much longer than we have been Seahawks fans... and, if I'm to be honest, we were a bit more interested in seeing John punt than seeing the Seahawks win.  But you can't actually root for your team to not convert a 3rd down... you can't actually want them to get stopped and forced to punt.  Can you?  Well, deep down inside, yes.  Apparently you can. 

But on bright side, we got to watch John play in a professional football game and his team has a 1-0 record for the pre-season.  Not too shabby. 

Our greatest disappointment was the absence of our oldest son who couldn't make it due to his own football practice.  Hopefully he'll get a chance to catch another game this season.

I worked on these socks on the way...

And am now about to wind yarn to start on my Camp Loopy Project 3 tomorrow.
Camp loopy 3

I can't wait!

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Chrisknits said...

How fun!! I bet you guys were in heaven.
Love the yarn!!! Can't wait to see the sweater.