Tuesday, August 02, 2011

It's been a weird few days...

I got a bit hooked on the crochet thing and found myself spending whole afternoons trying new stitches, making potholders, and discovering the granny square.

Exhibit A: Easy-Peasy potholder (I'll be making more of these!)

Exhibit B: The Granny Square and Friend: In which I discovered that, unsurprisingly, Tahki Cotton Classic is much nicer to work with than Peaches and Cream cotton.

I had some notion here of attaching these two for some sort of... I don't know... trivet or potholder?  But that seemed to exceed my available knowledge so they've been put aside.

I really enjoy the craft... but struggle a bit with what feels like unproductive time spent creating useless objects (the potholder is too small).  But at least now I know how.

Then I spent a couple days yelling at the TV and lecturing anyone who would listen on all that is wrong with this country... while trying to consider any remotely possible positive impact of insulting the ones with whom you are trying to "compromise".  For some reason the whole thing reminds me of my sons "compromising" over what game to play.  Maybe the men and women of DC need their parents to supervise.  I don't know.  But I gave up watching.

At which point I became distracted by my peeling sunburnt legs.   In a very snake-like fashion which I've never seen before, the skin is slowly peeling away in a single layer with no sign of stopping.

Fortunately, about this time, I remembered that I needed to finish my Camp Loopy Project 2 featuring cables.

I love cables.

I also love this yarn, Madelinetosh Sock in "Silver Fox".  The pattern is BFF socks by Cookie A.

Which carried me over to yesterday and Sheri's announcement of Project 3... for which I needed to invest more time picking yarn and a pattern.

I did get some lesson planning done, so I don't feel entirely useless.  But pretty close.

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