Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Moms Just Know

First things first... I love this! It was such a quick easy knit and the stitch pattern really features the color variations in the Malabrigo.

Malabrigo Neckwarmer
Malabrigo Chunky - about 1/2 hank
Size 10.5 needles
Modification.. Added button hole instead of i-cord loop

The pattern calls for Grignasco Cashmere and I just may splurge for a hank at the LYS and make another.

On another note... many years ago, we were having dinner at my mom's. It was one of their big dinners... lots of friends and family... and there were about a half dozen conversations going on. I'm not sure exactly what her conversation was about but I'm guessing it had something to do with my son picking out a baseball hat because suddenly, amidst all the conversation and as clear as a bell, I hear my mom say, "Well you have a big head... just like your mom!"

Huh? Now she wasn't talking about ego... nor was she making a traditional motherly reference to the size of their child's head. No. She went on to inform me that I've always literally had a big head. There was more explanation... something about Easter bonnets and whatnot. I found it odd, but also have heard mothers say much worse things, so I just let it roll. Mostly.

A few weeks later, I arrived for our first morning of Vacation Bible School at which I was going to be a counselor. All the supplies for my group were awaiting me in a bin including a goofy bow-tie on a loop of elastic string that we were supposed to wear. Well, I'm telling you that for the life of me I couldn't get this thing over my head. Other people were wearing theirs... and it was elastic for goodness sake! But there was not way this thing was going over my head. Obviously they had made mine too short. I poked into a couple of other bins to try to go for a stealth swap, but they all looked the same. It was becoming increasingly clear... I simply have a freakishly big head!

Wow! What a shock! Had people been pointing and laughing at me my whole life without me ever noticing? Were people snickering at me now as I desperately tried to pull this bow-tie over my head? No... they couldn't be... they wouldn't. I took a worried look around, but everyone is busy with their arriving children. Finally a woman shows up to take the spot next to mine. Okay... now I'll know... I bet they made a whole batch too small. Watch... she won't be able to get hers on either! So I sat their with my entire being focused on this woman, just waiting for her to don the tie.

She starts to sort through her bin. Come on, come on. Stacks some papers, pulls out crayons and name tags. Yeah, yeah, keep moving. And finally she reaches for the tie. I hold my breath, silently praying for the bad batch scenario to unfold. She picks it up... takes a quick glance... and... undoes the velcro that opens the elastic loop, wraps it around her neck and fastens it on.

Uh... yeah.

The wave of relief combined with the realization that my brain wasn't too big either left me with emotions that were a bit too confusing to sort through. But I've never forgotten it either.

I told you that, to tell you this... My mom's a smart lady, so it could be that my head really is a bit big... or... maybe she assumed that poor fit was a good explanation for the fact that I just look like crap in hats.

I really like this pattern (Foliage from Knitty) even though, as impossible as it is for me to consider, I think it may be a bit big for me. Also, I left it unblocked for a more "rustic" look. I would block it if I thought it would help, but in my case... well, I just don't think it would matter much.

FWIW, as I was doing some Picasa magic on the photos, my middle boy suggested that I crop my face out of the picture. What a confidence boost that was.

Oh well. The LYS just received a massive shipment of Malabrigo in a tremendous variety of colors and they are having a 20% off sale! I see more Malabrigo in my future.

Finally, here's a heads up on a contest and a great new cardigan pattern by Marie Grace-Yarn Slayer. One Lily Cardigan added to my list!


Yarnhog said...

Lovely confidence booster. My youngest once told me that I "don't do anything." Yup. I felt like Mom of the Year for a whole week after that.

The hat is gorgeous! Thanks for the modeled shot.

amanda said...

Tammy, they look great! What a nice color of the malabrigo.