Thursday, November 01, 2007

House Day

Well today was the day. Our plan was to head over to my mom's house around lunch time to begin the stalking sight-seeing. However, after delivering my oldest to school and dropping a couple of the others off at classes (Latin & Acting... guess which one is taking acting lessons), 13 yo and I decided we should do a little surveillance.

It was immediately clear there was filming in the works...but out of view of my mom's, so we left JoJo with Grandma and decided to try for a closer look. First, we very casually drove by. Although they were clearly going for secretive, we are sharp cookies and were able to pick up on their subtle clues.

I nonchalantly snapped a couple pictures while driving by. (Totally casual to be sure.)

After invisibly circling the parking lot a few times and scoping out an adjoining empty parking lot with some nice bushes that offered a secluded yet clear view, we got a bit bolder and decided to just park near the location. (The location, by the way, was an indoor rock climbing spot further affirming my suspicion that they were shooting an opening sequence.)

We boldly approached the first security guard and asked if we were able to walk down the lot among the equipment and crew. He smiled, shrugged, and didn't speak English... we took that as a yes and sauntered onto the lot. See, we're clearly getting closer (and dorkier)... my son was actually happy to pose for the picture but since he is a teen now, looking happy is out of the question.

Then the battery died on my camera.

Having only recently rolled out of bed and thrown on some sweats... I was quick to realize that this was the cherry on top of Murphy's Law and I would no doubt bump into the man himself if I strolled any further.

However, my son (who, again, was much more excited than he looks) nudged me along and we approached some workers, "grips" to be exact, who were very helpful. They were, in fact, filming an indoor opening scene and, no, Hugh Laurie was not expected... "but you never know".

No, I guess I won't. I do have some self-respect and sitting in bushes all day waiting for a glimpse of a celebrity, even him, crosses that line. Well, at least the risk of being caught spying through bushes crosses that line.

Oh well, I'll just have to wait for next Tuesday like everyone else.

On a brighter note... the new Interweave Knits was in my mailbox when I got home! What a great issue! I like it even better in person and have earmarked a couple of sweaters I can dig in my stash for! More on that another day.


Angelika said...

Nice, I was sooo sure that the sweats would have done the trick for you. Too bad, but we don't want to be labeled "obsessive". Didn't it just buy the Fall issue of IK? Oh, no, that was the Holiday one. Woohoo, the subscribtion will hopefully kick in. Merry christmas to me that is.

Laura said...

How funny! I'd have been skulking around there with you! Last week I saw an old friend from Germany and she told me that every Tuesday night she clears the family out of their living room and watches House - it comes on at 9:15 her time.

Yes, I love the new IK! I read it yesterday while waiting at the Dr's office. Many lovely sweaters I'd like, but I'm woefully behind on promised knitting for my daughters, so I won't do any IK projects anytime soon. I'll do it vicariously through you!

Yarnhog said...

We all know that you wouldn't have been above lurking in the bushes if you'd been wearing hot jeans and makeup. It was the sweats that changed your mind, wasn't it?

uberstrickenfrau said...

I'm so proud of you! ( wipes tear from cheek) you have the true makings of a stalker.'cept you must ALWAYS have fresh batteries on hand!

Donna Boucher said...

Okay, true confessions time.

I once drove a couple of hours to try to see Slyvester Stallone filming a movie. This was right after Rocky. The movie was called Fist. I never even saw it.
And I never saw Rocky.

I peeked in a window and saw some costumes.

That's it.

I did see the most beautiful rainbow on the way home.

I quickly fell out of love with Sylvester once he started going as Sly.

But, who doesn't love Rocky?

~Kristie said...

I completely understand the stalker wanna be in you. If he'd told you it wasn't an opening sequence, would you have stayed?

I had a "brain fart" with camera batteries on Halloween and I was an hour away from home. Doh.

Yarn Addict said...


That filming was right near my house. Since I use that entrance/exit from our housing tract all the time, I passed it several times going in and out. It went on pretty late, too! When I came home from my Thursday night stitching group at 10:00 pm they were just starting to pack up. As soon as I saw it that morning I said, "Hey, that must be what Tammy was talking about!" lol I didn't see Hugh anywhere either. Everytime I passed it, I just saw a bunch of crew. :(

Octopus Knits said...

Too bad "House" himself wasn't there, but boy, you guys get kudos for gutsy-ness, bustin' onto the set and all!

P.S. Cool House costume!

amanda said...

Oh, darn! You are a brave one, walking onto the set. I get totally nervous and dorky around celebs. Not that I've ever really met any!!!

son said...

house day is cool my name is daniel i im tammy's son i like house day.