Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Just a Random Tuesday

So I'm wandering around the LYS today and notice that the employee and pals are gabbing about the last customer to leave. And it occurs to me that they are always talking about the last person to leave (if not politics of some nature)... or one that was in earlier... or maybe one of their pals who is absent at the time. Often times I've giggled, but today something clicked... what are they going to say about me when I leave? So I tried to act very normal (I'm not sure what this is in a yarn store but I think I managed) while feeling increasingly uncomfortable.

It seems more and more like staking out a knitting spot at the LYS gives one some kind of sense of entitlement to speak their mind with complete disregard for all other customers. Does anyone else notice this? Or is it just me? Or my timing?

Anyway, let's see... I'm coping with life without Julie nearby. It turns out I can still bug her constantly with the meaningless trivialities of daily life via cell phone. I like my cell phone.

I did cast on for Hyrna Herborgar and I have to tell you that the Handmaiden Mini Maiden is exquisite. I haven't gotten very far because we've been pretty busy adjusting to our fall schedule, but now that I've gotten a feel for the translations and charts it's starting to move along.


I've also been working on the Firestarter sock.


The construction is fascinating, but imho the pattern is not very user friendly. I've found it pretty awkwardly worded and hard to follow, but the results are impressive... and I'm so glad that the Wollmeise is more than just pretty to look at! I could definitely see using it for a scarf or wrap of some kind.

We also had a birthday!

Josiah 2008

For the first time in over 16 years, I have no children in the "5 and under" category. Field trips just got a bit more expensive. But JoJo had a wonderful day full of friends and pizza.

Well I need to feed the boys and get them reigned in for an early bedtime so our more mature family members (as if) can watch the season premiere of House (woo-hoo) at 8:00! The doctor is in!

BTW - Did anyone else watch the premiere of Fringe the other night? It looks like it has some potential... kind of like a more extreme sci-fi Alias or something.


Maria said...

I'm loving Hyrna!!!

km said...

The socks look great. When you wear them, you'll forget about the pattern.

Sarah said...

Hyrna looks so cool and that sock is seriously fun!
I know what you mean about the yarn store gossiping. One I frequent does that too. I haven't been in quite some time either. I know they are talking behind my back same as everyone, I just hope it's not that I need a What Not to Wear intervention!

Yarnhog said...

Happy Birthday, Jojo!

I love the shawl! I wish I didn't dislike knitting lace so much.

And, yes, we did watch the premier of Fringe. It seems a lot like The X-Files, only the bad guys are terrorists instead of aliens.

Laura said...

Hyrna and the socks are so pretty! I can't believe you manage to knit as much as you do with 5 sons!

I'm sorry you don't have Julie nearby now. I wish they were moving closer to me - east of the Rockies just doesn't cut it - too much territory.

Auntie Pudentaine said...

I love the cake! Yummy! Those action figures crack me up. I think my oldest had a batman car on one of his and it was a hit...still remembers it!

I don't get the gossip. Maybe there are enough gals at my shop that you could never get away with it, but honestly they are just a bunch of lovely women who love working with yarn. What is there to be catty about? Life is too good for that when you play with yarn all day!

Stefaneener said...

I remember when the penny dropped -- if my beloved cousin talked that way about other people, what did she say about me?


Nice knitting, nice having no little kids. Sigh.

5elementknitr said...

That mini Maiden is SO pretty!

Tagging you with a meme....

mom said...

It's so fun to see your yarn taking shape! :-)

And happy birthday to your little guy :-) They certainly grow up fast, don't they?!

Tammy ~@~

themeityroadtrip.blogspot.com said...

Happy b-day Josiah! I know what you mean about more expensive field trips. Little R turned 6 right at the beginning of this trip. I am continuously thinking that if I'd done the trip a year sooner I'd be saving quite a bit of money over all these months - not to mention the 13 yo who usually has to pay the adult rate - what's with that?!

Lydee said...

happy birthday! love the cake!