Friday, September 26, 2008

Knitting Mason-Dixon Style

So I teased with a book review yesterday. Have you been so waiting anxiously for my next post? Here goes...

Mason-Dixon Knitting Outside the Lines

I haven't finished reading it yet (yes, it's a knitting book you'll want to read) but Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne provide many creative and funny perspectives throughout. While it is reminiscent of their previous book, it is more colorful and much broader in variety. Since I'm not the most eloquent book reviewer, I'll use more pictures than words here.

The book is divided into 5 chapters:

1. Decorating Yourself (a variety of patterns from jackets to socks for you)

Mason Dixon

Besides loving the color of both of these, the second sweater is knit top-down in... Rowan Calmer! A soft, comfy cotton sweater that will be perfect for my So Cal climate. I am in love... and I have the right amount of Calmer in my stash! But it's not green. It's off-white. Which would be good too. Almost as good as green I suppose. Maybe. Hmmm...

Mason Dixon

2. The Fairest Isle of All (technique, steeks, and more great patterns)

Mason Dixon
Mason Dixon
All fair isle worked in the round with steeks. I'm feeling tempted...

3. Covering the Small Human

I think I could actually get away with knitting this for one of my younger boys!

Mason Dixon
I know... say it with me... "Awwww" (or is it "Ahhhhh"?)

4. Occasional Knitting (Christmas stockings, totes, etc.)

I really like this... but somehow I don't think it will look the same with school papers and spilt coffee all over it. But it would be a great gift I suppose. If I were to knit gifts.

5. The Sophisticated Kitchen

I'm gonna admit right up front that this is where they lost me. I'm quite realistic in my limitations and anything beyond a hopefully clean kitchen is far beyond my reality. So, keeping in mind that I'm certainly not the best person to evaluate this chapter, I will silently present you with these unique ideas.

Mason Dixon

Okay, who am I kidding. I'm not gonna be silent. I love this picture... right down to the purple Crocs. And I pass no judgement on anyone who chooses to spend their time knitting a versatile mop cover/doggy coat. But... If I personally ever embark on such an endeavor... I fully expect to be committed.

But that's just me. Not you. You knit, you mop, and I will praise your efforts. And that's all I'm gonna say about that.

Anyway, it's a fun book. And you should get one too.


Angelika said...

Ok, I'm not so sure what to think about the dog/mop cover or the other kitchen stuff, but the cardigan, sweater, socks and especially that fair isle rug sure make up for it. Really love the rug

km said...

This book is on my Christmas list, along with Wendy's. I love all the patterns I'm seeing. We have some of those purple crocs (probably in that size) at my house.

When I knit a swiffer cover (free pattern w/o the buttons) it made my kids so excited to sweep for me. Totally worth my knitting time when I have to set a timer for the kids to share the swiffer. =0) Your boys are probably all to old for that.

Yarnhog said...

People still wear gloves to wash dishes? Wow. And the mop? I think I have a mop somewhere.

I really love that little girl coat, but since I don't have any little girls to knit for, I probably won't be making it.

Sarah said...

Huh, I was thinking what a great cozy to keep the dust off of my mop...
those are some great patterns!

mom said...

HA! The mop cover made me giggle!

And please feel free to attempt the middle beautiful blue socks in a gauge too small for your feet so you have to send them to ME!

Tammy ~@~

Stephanie said...

I would agree with on the "Awwww". So cute. Some of those blankets are drool worthy. Its the gorgeous colors. Thanks for the sneak peak!

The Meity Road Trip said...

Can I put in an order for any one of the items pictured? Very cute stuff. If I was a knitter, I'd definitely want to make something from that book. Happy Knitting!! And don't forget, if you run out of people to knit for, I'm in line!!