Friday, February 20, 2009

Little by Little

So in the middle of an especially crumby day last week, I got a phone call from my LYS informing me that they had received their much awaited shipment of Malabrigo Sock yarn! Fortunately, I was in the car and only a few minutes away so I swung by and got to search through the newly arrived boxes full of every color! I picked out a couple for me and one for a friend.

Malabrigo Sock
Malabrigo Sock
Malabrigo Sock

But over the last week, I've slipped by there just a few more times.

Malabrigo Sock
Malabrigo Sock
Malabrigo Sock

(Top to bottom: Boticelli Red, Stone Chat, Indiecita, Turner, Persia, & Abril. The first one is yours Julie... it's richer and more vibrant than it appears.)

I know from working with it on my Ene's Scarf that the yarn is amazing so I just couldn't help myself. Speaking of which, here's my progress on the border.

Ene's Scarf

Happy weekend everyone!


Maria said...

OK, I'm not a gray fan, but that is absolutely gorgeous. You're going to get a lot of use out of that!

Sarah said...

Even though it sounds boring to knit with grey that looks like the perfect accessory. I wish I could get myself to knit a shawl. Digging through just arrived boxes is fun, isn't it?

km said...

Way to help out the California economy. ;0) I like that you got a good variety. Do these get a special place in your stash?

Lydee said...

so beautiful! i love the ones with purple.

Angelika said...

Nice yarn there. If you have too much, you can always send it my way. The Ene looks nice so far. Nice choice in color.

Yarnhog said...

LOL! I have done that very thing myself ("Well, maybe just one more color...").