Saturday, February 14, 2009

When ADD Strikes...

I'm actually not entirely comfortable with the term ADD because it implies a fault or disorder. In reality, most situations in life are just too dull to hold the attention of our active minds. We need stimulation... in some form or another (and no, I'm not talking economic... although I could say plenty about that too). Now a couple of my sons have the "H" factor in the equation so they're always looking for physical stimulation in the form of sports, somersaults in the living room, and antagonizing their brothers until a good ol' wrestling match ensues.

I don't have that "H" factor though. Nah... I'm pretty good here on the couch for, well, more than I care to admit. But I do need to feed my brain. With everything going on around here, that's usually not a problem. But some days... well some days I need a little more entertainment and I might redesign my blog by poking around in html templates that I have no busy messing with but provides me with hours of stimulation while I attempt to change a single margin through trial and error.


Now one of the worst things that can happen to me, is to end up with a whole day to just relax. That happened last week and so I poked through the several knitting projects thinking I was going to finish a sweater or pair of socks (not that I'm even close to either of these but I'm not very realistic either). But nothing was good enough. What I really wanted to do was cast on 375 stitches using an unfamiliar cast-on for a new shawl.

Ene's Scarf

So I started Ene's Scarf from Scarf Style with some Malabrigo Sock yarn in Alcaucil. Interestingly enough, Alcaucil is Spanish for artichoke... which seems odd for a blackish yarn. But I've noticed when it's in the right light, it most definitely has some greenish undertones. It's really beautiful.

Anyway, I cast on in groups of 25 which were counted and recounted consistently. In the (very lengthy) process I learned that my ability to count to 25 is consistently superb. However, my ability to count to 15 (the number of groups of 25 I needed to equal 375 stitches) needs improvement.

I'm glad I stuck with it though because I'm really enjoying this pattern. It's a triangular shawl, but knit from the outside in towards the center neck so each row gets a tiny bit shorter!


One of my great ADD treats occurred a couple of weeks ago when The Loopy Ewe announced that they had put together a special Valentine's Day kit that was going to posted in their "Sneak-Up" that week. It was a beautiful kit that included a beautiful skein of specially dyed red Tempted Yarns sock yarn, an adorable project bag from 3AM Enhancements, a pattern, and a measuring tape. What's not to love about a special, limited edition kit? Forget whether or not I actually needed anything included, let me assure you... I needed this kit.

And... all I had to do to get one, was stay near the computer and refresh the "What's New" page at The Loopy Ewe every so often (5-15 minutes) throughout the day until it came up! Then snag one as quickly as possible and check out before they sold out. (Things fly off the shelf at TLE!) Weeeeee!

But it was worth it...

Loopy Ewe Valentines Kit

Don't you think? :-)

Happy Valentines Day Friends!


Dawn said...

Wow, the Loopy Ewe kit is gorgeous!!! Can't wait to see it knit up.

km said...

Have you seen HSLDA's new monthly emails for parents of struggling learners. I read their descriptions of ADD and ADHD to M and he really thought they'd poked their cameras into our home. 7 is ADD. Can't focus on a math page for the life of him. Always thinking 1,000 unrelated thoughts. 5 is the one with the H. Somersaulting through the living room. That's him to a T. I didn't know that was on the list though...thanks for the info. He sometimes has to read standing up because he CAN'T sit still. Me...just the typical ADD. And my little girl...I think it's too early to tell for her. But maybe I'm just to busy to notice.

I did notice that my bloglines picked up your new title before I figured out that you'd spent time changing the blog. I like it.

The black shawl looks beautiful. I'm wearing my clapotis so much I'm thinking I need another.

Happy Weekend.

lvonrader said...

Finally successfully and correctly casting on for my Ene's shawl was one of my greatest knitting achievements!

Angelika said...

I love your blog name :). When I read 375 cast on I thought it could be the Ene. Cool. It's been on my to-do-list for a while too, but something else always comes up and cuts in line.

Natalie said...

great new look... love the kit

Sarah said...

I knit (and stitch in other ways) to keep my brain occupied. I'm seriously lazy and as long as I have lots of things to keep my brain working I'm okay with the couch too.

Yum, artichoke sounds pretty good right now...

Stefaneener said...

Just catching up. . . Amelia looks beautiful, as does your shawl. My kids are perpetually Very Loud, and I wonder why my head hurts.

So, of course I want to cast on something new. But I will finish the boring things I have going first. Really I will.

mom said...

Hey, I'm glad you were stimulated to spend some time on a new's sweet!

And what a sweet snag you got! Pretty yarn :-)

Tammy ~@~

Chrisknits said...

Not a TLE fan, but I am an Ene fan! Mine was made with Alpaca and it is so warm, drapey and gorgeous! I much preferred the cast on all and decrease away as opposed to the increase up to eleventy million and then bind off. I am much faster at casting on!