Friday, May 22, 2009

Corny Eunice

Whew... what a blast! These socks were too fun to put down.


Like I said, Maizy wasn't my favorite yarn too work with but I won't mind knitting this pattern again sometime. Maizy is a corn fiber and elastic blend that is quite splitty and actually doesn't feel very elastic. But really, what should I expect from corn? The texture of the yarn added to the bulkiness of the pattern as well. So my advice would be to use a fine smooth yarn like Lorna's Laces for this pattern if you want to try it. And I think you should!


"Eunice" from Sock Innovation by Cookie A
Crystal Palace Maizy in "Ivory" (white really)
Size 1 Knit Picks magic loop


km said...

Beautiful socks!

Becky said...

They are beautiful! I love Cookie A's patterns.

marit said...

Pretty, pretty, pretty! Always fun to try some new yarn!

Sarah said...

Hey- it is corn. I have some corn in my stash.
They look great!

mom said...

What a very cool pattern!

Tammy ~@~