Friday, May 08, 2009

Hip to be Square

I saw the new Kollage Square Needles while on my recent trip and, well, how could I not try them out for myself? I decided on a size 0 circular for magic looping a sock since there is no such thing as too many size 0 sock needles. Really.

Kollage Needles

I really love these needles! They are exceptionally lightweight and addicting to knit with. I cast on for this sock just to give them a try and couldn't put it down. They say the square shape is easier on your hands... I'm not sure if I can pinpoint that as the reason, but I can say that they are very pleasing to knit with and the resulting stitches are neat and even. (BTW - the Regia Cotton Color I'm using is not too bad either.)

Kollage Needles

The cable is insanely flexible and, as promised, won't "kink, kurl or knot"... unless you wanted to tie it in a knot... then you could... it's that flexible. Just saying.

Kollage Needles

Unfortunately, the only con is kind of a big one. Because of the lightweight flexibility of the cable, sliding your work from the cable onto the needle is not a smooth process. The cable tends to bend back on itself in between stitches making a usually simple procedure a bit awkward and time consuming.

Kollage Needles

I've thought about trying them in a larger size for lacework but I fear the cable joint would remain a problem and I'm not sure how a heavier project would hang on the lightweight cable. They do have dpns and crochet hooks so if you use either of those on a regular basis, I would recommend giving them a try. The unique shape seems to offer some real benefits. But unless somebody has a tip for using the circulars (which I'm really hoping for), I doubt I'll be using these much.

Next in my series of unnecessary necessities for knitters...

The Knit Kit


Chrisknits said...

You have your photos locked. Nothing is showing up for me.

I have wondered about them. Glad I didn't buy any while at Stitches.

Tammy said...

Hmmm... wonder what I did. Can anyone see them?

km said...

I can see the photos just fine. Fun toys. I think I like my hiya hiya's. My MIL bought them for me from TLE and I hadn't even asked for them...pretty great. I just haven't tried too many other's out. I will say that I LOVE the bryspun dpn's. I have #3's and some larger sizes. But you're right...never too many needles in some sizes.

Wendy said...

I think I may need to try some...

5elementknitr said...

A friend sent me one of those Knit Kits - genius!

Angelika said...

You just have to give all those new toys a try. Makes me want to try them out too now, but I have nobody that has them that I could borrow them from. :) I'm also "frugal".