Friday, October 21, 2011

Fast and Furious Sale...

I simply must get rid of some yarn.  Most of it is yarn I love, but has marinated too long in my stash and has no hope of use in the near future.  Most, but not all, of it is worsted weight, and time has taught me that I have very little use for such yarns here in So Cal.  I really just want to get it into loving hands so I'm unloading it all for cheap.  It is all as pictured.  As you can seem some has been wound into balls or even knit into sweaters, but it is all in good shape.

Blue Sky Cotton - 3 hanks natural - $18  SOLD

Blue Sky Cotton - 5 Hanks Espresso + yarn in sweater seen here.
Total of about 10 hanks: $30.00  SOLD

Blue Sky Cotton - 2 hanks Tomato - $12

 Punto Fancy Color - 9 (or 10) balls - $20

 Hemp for Knitting - Allhemp 6 (Lilac) - 5 hanks total - $20

 Pakucho Cotton (Vanilla) - 11 (or 12) hanks - $20 PENDING

Schaefer Laurel (Empress Wu Zhao)
100% Mercerized Pima Cotton
2 (400 yd) hanks - $25.00 Luna
8 Dk Green, 2 Lt Green - $15.00

 Morehouse Farms Merino 2-ply
4 (220 yd) hanks in Aubergine
$20.00  SOLD

 Miss Babs Yowza Whatta Skein (Oyster)
1 (560 yd) hank - $20.00

 Kathmandu Aran (Color 136) - 8 Balls - $20.00

Debbie Bliss Donegal Luxury Tweed (Color 360002)
7 skeins (including 1 already knit - to be frogged) - $25.00
I had started to knit the Win vest from the Luxury Tweed pattern book which I'll throw in for another $5.00

Noro Silk Garden (Color 88) - 11 Skeins
 (3.5 knit into an abandoned Lady Eleanor, the rest is untouched)
$35.00 SOLD Lara - 4 dk blue + 3 lt blue - $10

Dream in Color Classy (Midnight Derby)
4 Skeins total (including the never worn sweater)
$20.00  SOLD

UPDATE: The prices do not include postage, but I plan on using the Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes that ship for about $5.  I will pass on actual postage as I calculate it.

Also, I plan to leave the sweaters as they, but if you'd like me to frog them and re-wind the yarn for you I certainly can.  Just give me a couple of extra days.

Please contact me at TLREED_81 at MSN dot COM.

ETA: Smoke-free, pet-free, Paypal please.  :)

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Chrisknits said...

All very lovely. Not a cotton girl, but I have already sent you a note about what I want. That sweater looks lovely, You really don't wear it? If only it was my size!