Saturday, October 15, 2011

Not Just for Austin

With the weather on a cooling trend, I think it's safe to share the last of my trio of lightweight cardigans... Connie Chang Chinchio's Austin Hoodie.  I had purchased the yarn, Madelinetosh Merino Light, over a year ago but once it arrived, I was too intimidated by the thought of knitting over 1200 yards of fingering weight yarn into a sweater to cast on.  But once I'd conquered Vitamin D and Dahlia, I was on a roll.

I really enjoyed this pattern.  There was enough detail to keep it interesting while providing for a great fit and giving it a nicely finished look.

I had 3 hanks of yarn to work with and just barely made it.  I knit the 35.5 size and had only a few yards of the 1320 I started with.  (Note that when I bought the yarn it came in hanks of 440 yds.  I believe it now only has 420.)  The yarn felt a bit more woolly than I normally like at first touch, but it was wonderful to knit with and I absolutely love the finished feel.  In addition, the price is extremely reasonable and, since it's Madelinetosh, the colors of course are breathtaking!  This particular color is called Mourning Dove.

I did knit a swatch, but since I find swatches rather unreliable when it comes to estimating actual growth on a full garment knit with superwash wool, I just knit to gauge.  The result was a perfectly fitted cardigan which I could've let go with a good steaming, but since I like a bit more length and room in my sweaters, I opted for a good soak and careful blocking which provided the extra space and length I was hoping for.  (That little blob of yarn above the left shoulder is the entire amount I had leftover.  Yes, I was really sweating it.)

After what was the most mild summer I have ever experienced in So Cal, I can only assume that the recent heatwave is entirely my fault.  I will now try to make amends with the sun and dry winds by shopping for tank tops and more sinus medicine.

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