Monday, July 17, 2006

Getting Started

Well, here it is... I'm jumping into the 21st century with my own blog! Maybe soon I'll even figure out how to load photos so I can post pics. I mean, after all, what's a knitting blog without pictures? I know that's why I surf the knitting net. So I can see photos of what everyone else is making and get inspired... to shop and buy more yarn! Which on some days I do more of than actual knitting.

Well off to find my snazzy little digital camera that my husband just reminded me he bought last winter before he realizes that I don't know where it is. (I knew it was too small... I'm not even sure where the big digital camera is or how to even use our digital camcorder.) Hmmm. I know exactly where my Debbie Bliss Cashmerino and Blue Sky cotton are though... even where that single hank of Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn is... actually I think there're 3 hanks in there now. Yep... pretty sure it's up to 3.

Once I find said camera, I can bug my husband to teach me to upload photos. Then I can post pics of all my WIPs. That should be one long post!

For now, here's a test pic of a trip to the aquarium with the boys. (I know... nothing to do with knitting. But cool fish - and adorable dudes.)

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