Sunday, July 23, 2006

Rattlesnakes, Bee Stings & Heatwaves

What do these things have to do with knitting? Nothing, but that's what's on my mind. First of all, I am practically phobic about heat so 100 degree weather is enough to throw me into a barely functioning, mental/physical mess. We don't have general A/C (despite my years of begging) just one small window unit in the kitchen (like I'm even considering cooking in this heat!) But over the last week, my DH has generously added an upstairs unit and, today, a living room unit. (I think he's hoping for me to progress to coherent conversation (beyond the much overstated "It's too hot!") and maybe even a meal. Anyway, I'm finally reasonably comfortable enough to consider functioning... if only I could get my 3 yos to understand that I do love him even though I'd prefer he not touch me right now.

As for Rattlesnakes? They're dangerous... even deadly! I know this is common knowledge, especially to my husband who is deeply commited to and fascinated by snakes of all types, but sometimes overconfidence overcomes common knowledge and you learn a little more than you bargained for. This man who has spent most of his life chasing and capturing snakes (he actually chased a Copperhead through poison ivy once to make the catch ) finally met his match in the form of a foot long baby Southern Pacific. So... Thursday night was spent in the hospital (where I did get to do some knitting) receiving 10 vials of anti-venom. Special thanks to my mom who retrieved all my kiddos for a sleepover and to my dear friend Julie who kept me comforted and amused (we knit of course). Praise God, he is healing quickly and the prognosis is good... we're just supposed to watch for any signs of tissue damage to the finger and the inevitable serum sickness which will follow. Oh joy.

While I can't ignore the obvious that bee stings are significantly less alarming than rattlesnake bites, I do have to note my amazement that my 7 yo son (our source for endless confusion and amusement) received one heck of a sting at the pool yesterday without making a whimper. He merely removed the stinger then asked me if part of the bee had been torn off with the sting since he noticed a clump of bee flesh on the stinger he carefully removed. This is a child that dreams of aliens but is deathly afraid of spiders. Go figure.

Anyway, this is supposed to be about knitting right? Well, still no camera, but I did manage to finish my blue Green Gable (I really liked knitting with the Cotton Fleece), and have cast on for a great SWTC Oasis tank from kpixie. I also finished a really quick sock in Fancy Image DK hand-dyed sock yarn (soft & squishy). I got to visit Fancy Image Yarns when I was in Washington a couple of weeks ago... it was a great little store and the owner was very sweet. Next, I want to knit the new pattern, Rusted Root, from zephyr style. I think I'm going to use the yummy Rowan Calmer I have in my stash for this (imagine that... using yarn from your stash!) This by no means represents the full extent of my WIPs but it's a start.

Meanwhile, I'm praying for a week of cooler weather and less excitment... and hopefully a trip to Wildfiber in Santa Monicawith my knitting pals... I understand they have Socks that Rock and Koigu. Oooooooh! I so want to touch!

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