Sunday, July 30, 2006

To Live in a Dream

Do you ever wish your dreams would come true? That you could have something in real life that you've dreamed of? Retorical questions really. But let me ask you this... have you seen something that you got really excited about... say some super expensive silky alpaca or the worlds softest merino... and thought, "Oh, I wish I'd had that in my dream!" Well, my dear 7 yos (whose boundary between reality and fantasy is clearly a very fine line) recently exclaimed just that at the sight of an exceptionally long Hummer Limo. Apparently he has had a couple of dreams that involve hanging on to the top of speeding cars while they race around and he thought that the Hummer would have been a perfect addition to said dream. Hmmmm. I would truly love to spend just a couple of hours in his mind... it would be quite an escape from reality I'm sure.

Lest you think I showing any favoritism towards my curious 7 yo Daniel, I must add that my 4 other boys are each unique, bright, fun-loving blessings of joy in my life... and all seem to have a pretty good grip on reality. Daniel just seems to bring a little twist to our family that keeps us all on our toes. No favoritism... just amusement.

BTW - after the week of gauge disasters, I decided to cast on a sock with some beautfiul Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock yarn. Not taking into consideration the prior events of the week, I actually tried a couple of different patterns to make a lacy anklet... would you believe I had gauge problems?!? Well, I came to my senses and proceeded with a simple ribbed cuff and moved on. Ahhh... a wip that is not defeating me.

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I love a Good Yarn said...

I am again firmly on the side of your dreamer 7 y/o. Dreams are fabulous (especially those flying ones) so can't you just imagine your favorite things accompanying you on your favorite dreams? a flying dream soaring over a smorgasbord of yarn hills and valleys with special yarn for the vegetation and lakes. Oohhh!

So what if it's would be soooo cool.