Monday, June 09, 2008

But it Didn't Stop There

You may have noticed that my last post was titled In Which Things *Begin* to Get out of Hand. Here's the rest of the story.

Every summer... well every summer since I started knitting which would be about 3 or 4, I get a craving for the perfect white summer cardigan. This craving leads to endless hours spent searching the internet and LYS catalogs for the perfect knit... nothing too fancy, but not too plain either, lightweight, durable, and, most important, relatively quick without being bulky.

I've found patterns and yarn in the past (which I won't link to, but exist in my blog somewhere) but nothing was ever quite right.

Well finally... I've found it! "Martha" from Rowan 37. Perfect!
Rowan Martha

A whole cardigan knit with 4ply cotton on size 2 needles. Just what I had in mind!


(BTW Maria - There's a beaded version of this sweater too just in case you want the pattern when I'm done. I know how you love those beads!)

So I couldn't wait to get started, but somehow, in between swatching (yes I did swatch!)and casting on, this got going on my needles.

Noro Carlotta

More Noro Matsuri for Carlotta. I so love this yarn!


Maria said...

Go away, you evil thing!


Yarnhog said...

I'm not really one for white, but that sweater is going to be really cute. My fingers are really itching to go order some of that Noro, though. Unfortunately, my yarn budget--for about the next ten years--is currently wrapped up in the new refrigerator that's coming tomorrow. Not nearly as satisfying. Maybe if it were dyed in Noro colors, instead of white...

Good Yarns said...

Size 2 needles...whew! How Many yards?
I know you can do it though. And...What about new yarn purchases from any local sales?

km said...

That really is the perfect white cardi. And that's sure to keep this yarn from your destash blog right?

Laura said...

Oh! I want a perfect summer white cardigan, too! Years ago I made what I was capable of, but I had only begun to learn to knit, so it was rather plain and simple. I want what you're making - PERFECT!

But I have too many wip's, so I'll have to enjoy yours on you when you finish it...

mom said...

:::::contented sigh::::: You know, I always love to stop by here and look at your projects and your yarn and envy your talent! :-)

Enjoy your summer knitting!

Tammy ~@~

Anonymous said...

Seems like when you find a project you've been looking a long time for, it doesn't matter what size the needles are. It's going to be beautiful and with your speedy hands, I'm sure it will be complete in no time at all.