Friday, June 20, 2008

Setting Myself Up for Failure

I ended up not starting anything new this week. I finished Gilda, my first beaded scarf project, and am trying to finish up one of the pairs of socks that's been on the needles since last summer.

Why? Because tomorrow it all begins! I have signed up for the Summer of Socks 2008 and Seasons of Lace KALs which both start tomorrow, the first day of summer! As I patiently wait for the time to tick by, I figured I should get prepared.

So I wound up my Ivory Sea Silk for the Swallowtail Shawl that I'm going to start first thing tomorrow and the Schaefer Heather for a beaded Undulating Waves scarf so I can start bribing boys to string beads when they're "bored", because heaven forbid I have bored children!

Seasons of Lace

Then I figured that I'd better get prepared and wind up some of the sock yarn I plan to use this summer.

Summer of Socks

I would hate to be in a rush, or ready to start a new sock and have to stop to wind the yarn! Besides, with the way I'm sure the socks are going to be flying off my needles, this will make it so much easier to just grab what I need.

There... I've said it. Actually I've put it in writing for the world to see which will most likely assure that I don't knit a single sock or piece of lace for the next 3 months. But what can I say... Reality doesn't live here.

Pictures for fun...


I saw these Skechers at WendyKnit's blog and had to get some. I got them straight from Skechers on sale for $15 with free (FREE) shipping! They are comfortable and ventilated.

Then I had a little shopping spree at Sonny & Shear that included this yarn from Mama Llama that I absolutely love!! The colorway is "Cowboy". I'm crazy about that sliver of green.

Mama Llama Sock II

Now I must go finish that sock so I have empty size 0 circs for tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

thanks for the link to the Skechers - I've been looking for some clear shoes to show off socks - for that price, I got two pairs :-) - cheaper than one pair of converse

Mamma said...


Oh crap, I accidentally bought myself a pair. What can I say, they're so cute!

Good luck with your summer knitting!

Lydee said...

awesome shoes!
hope your knitting needles are flashing so fast that they create spontaneous combustion ;-)

Lydee said...

aren't I mean aren't knitting so fast...yowsers!

Anonymous said...

You definitely look ready for summer. All that yarn is stunning!

I added those shoes to my birthday list, but then I just thought why don't I buy them in case they sell out? You're such an amazing enabler.

knittinwolf said...

Love the shoes! I got the clear clogs and they are so miserable to wear. They steam up...yes I even drilled holes in them and they are still hot. I wish Crocs would make a clear shoe. Would these work with sport weight sock yarn? I know the clear converse doesn't give enough room for sport weight socks. Good luck with all your knitting....what pressure!:)