Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Day 9

It's officially day 9 of The Infestation and the germ has done it's work of repopulating throughout the members of our household. This means very little school, a lot of medicine, and a variety of raspy voices whining for somebody they call, "Mmmmmooooommmm". I don't know who they're calling, but it certainly can't be the feverish lump of a woman that's laying in my place on the couch. Cause her compassion is shot.

Anyway, I've put together a little list of things to do when your trapped in a house with eyes that hurt too much to read for a few days. Just in case it happens to you.

1) Get The Office on DVD
2) http://www.find815.com/ (This is for you LOST viewers... especially those who enjoy wasting countless hours on the internet. This is actually fun for the whole family. Teaches logic. Uh-Huh.)
3) Ravelry (of course)
4) Watch Ellen (our daily laugh)
5) Knit a vest (almost done with Noro vest... but too tired for pictures... or to gush on about my new passion for Noro)

Take your vitamins and stay healthy! Now I must go try to navigate my ship through the reef using highly technical sonar equipment so I can reach my target in chapter 5 of FIND815.


Julie said...

I am ashamed to admit that I am beginning to wish I had some of those germs here in this house. I want to knit, and it ain't happening here with all the schoolwork and housework we're doing! can you send a mild version over here?

Stefaneener said...

Well, high hopes for healing. But if you can knit, you can't be that sick! Too sick to tend to the kids, yes, but. . .

The advantage of limiting TV is that when you put videos on when they're sick, you win big.

mom said...

Sorry the *bug* just keeps going and going for your family. A friend has the stomach *bug* going through her household and some of the kids are getting it for the second time :::sigh::: We're hanging in there so far...only one who had sore ears with her cold, but it's kind of like sitting on a ticking time bomb waiting for someone to bring home one of the nasty *bugs* that everyone around us seems to have.....

Tammy ~@~