Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Fun Never Ends.

Ugh! This dastardly flu just won't leave us alone. The coughs, the headaches, the whining... geesh... and the children are doing it too! And now my #4 boy, who was the #1 boy to get this nasty bug, has come down with a fever AGAIN! But this fever comes with a stinky tummy ache. I think I'm going to move to Australia.

I wonder if weird ladies stare at you for no reason in the grocery store parking lots of Australia? I went to get some plain Cheerios for #4 boy this morning and as I pulled into the parking lot, this gal stood at the back of her car and just stared at me. At least I think it was me. Of course, I immediately started trying to figure out what I was doing that was odd or foolish (because I've been known to do the parking lot stare at the occasional odd driver who clearly doesn't have a clue and needs a good staring down) but I have no idea what the heck this woman's problem is so I just kept on singing away and pulled into my spot. Wierdo. Oh... the singing... belting out a Bryan Adams tune at the top of my lungs alone in my car. Yep, could've been the singing. But give me a break, she clearly didn't watch American Idol last night. I mean does anyone who watched it not have (Everything I Do) I Do it For You stuck in their head today? It's a good thing I like that song (and the movie... Robin Hood with Kevin Costner. Remember the music video for the song?) and everyone in my family was glad I was able to sing along once again. Right.

I'm actually pretty interested in the group they have going into American Idol this year. They seem to have some good talent... and some good looks. Not that looks are everything, but I just always think of an American Idol as a pop star... as someone who is fun to watch and listen too. The very title suggests easy on the eyes does it not? Oh well.

Anyway, I've had a plastic bag of beautiful pink yarns sitting in my knitting basket all week beckoning me. I would take a picture of them for you but, well, I'm too sick and tired and lazy to do so. But I can tell you it includes Rowan Calmer, Chewy Spaghetti, Lorna's Laces and Dream in Color Smooshy in Cool Fire. Each have been swatched (and I'm pretty sure that I've stumbled onto an ingenious way to check gauge on sock yarns but more on that later), and I've finally decided to work with the Dream in Color, but it is so beautiful it needs the perfect pattern. Since I'm unable to determine what that pattern is, it sits there. Teasing me. If you have an idea, please let me know!

Now I must go relive the agony that was Jr. High Science by helping my 13 yo describe the inner workings of the alkaline battery in a brief, well organized paragraph for his Science Fair project. We are right on schedule since his project (a unique look at battery brands and quality) is due on Monday. Actually, going by my own Jr. High timeline for such things we are about 3 days ahead of schedule for beginning the related reports and analysis. Today he is learning that if he just kind of copies a scientific explanation but changes it around a bit, he gets a paragraph that makes absolutely no sense. I am learning that he has inherited my tendency to have such things as science fairs (and well-meaning mothers) induce tears. It's okay kid... I get it. You still gotta do it... but I'm feelin' your pain.


Maria said...

Do you like lacy socks? I'm doing the Groovy Socks from It's a free pattern. And it's easy. I'll get back to you on the Svale pattern when I get home. I didn't have time before I left!

Olga said...

ooo science youngest wants to be in one but she wants me to think up a project-ugh-
hope you guys get better soon.

km said...

Science fairs could be fun...but not when you're sick to begin with. I thought that once I didn't have toddlers in the church nursery we'd be through some of this. We have a lingering cough...but the kids keep moving as usual. I can't even imagine the whining. Feel better soon.

Sarah said...

This has been the winter of crap colds that just wont die. Healthy vibes to your house!

Can't wait to hear about your swatching- I'm curious!

Anonymous said...

The flu cold crap is at our house too. Actually only hubby has it. When we were sitting together last night watching Idol, his breathing was so annoying I wanted to smother him with a pillow. Is that wrong? LOL