Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Just Another Day

Well I survived the root canal yesterday. Actually I did more than survive, it really wasn't so bad. Yes, it was very long and very uncomfortable, but not nearly as bad as the pain I've been dealing with. Today my gums are a little sore but that's it! Yay! (I actually thought for a moment what a funny picture it would be of me in the dentist chair but decided against asking the dentist to take a picture. Sorry.)

Anyway, thanks for all your encouragement and prayers!

Today started out peaceful... until the boys woke up. Then my friend called because there was a rattlesnake on her back porch. These type of calls get relayed through me to DH who then dashes from work to rescue our friends and the snake.

Well the boys heard the phone call and insisted on joining the adventure. Even though I stalled a bit, we got there before my husband and my 11 year old son was out of the car before I had even come to a complete stop. He is quite the snake hunter himself, yet knows to stay away from rattlers and has called DH the few times he's seen them. But apparently this one had just started to slither off into some bushes and my friend was afraid it would get away so he felt the need to act fast.

By the time I walked into the back yard, he had a 4 foot rattlesnake pinned behind the head with a 5-6 foot pole and boy was it mad. So mad in fact that he couldn't just let it go so he was stuck there until DH arrived about 5 minutes later. I was so... so proud... so nervous... so completely freaked out... that I forgot to take a picture. Sorry again. (DH, btw, couldn't be prouder.)

Before DH returned to work, he took a moment to "play" with the tarantula my friend had found in her bathtub and decided to keep as a pet. (Just so you know, I find all this snake/spider behavior just a bit more than bizarre myself.) Once again, I forgot to take a picture. I hope you can forgive me for all the fascinating pictures that I haven't shown you today.

Maybe this will help...

Colinette Jitterbug

It's nothing at all like I described it, is it Julie? Apparently my vision was impaired by the noisy ladies at the yarn store last weekend. I thought it was more green and purple than blue... but I was seeing red at the time so that could explain some of it.


Auntie Pudentaine said...

Mmmmm....Monet! I so dearly love Jitterbug!

Glad you are on the mend and all that dental nonsense is just a memory :-)

Yarnhog said...

I like snakes myself, but I would be a little unnerved if my 11 year old pinned a peeved rattler. My husband is also the designated snake disposer of the neighborhood, and But a tarantula in the house would be grounds for separation. I am not anti-spider, but the spiders and I have an arrangement: they stay in the garden, and I don't kill them.

I'm glad the root canal went well and that the pain is going away.

km said...

It's amazing how fast the pain is gone. And I'm glad you didn't freak out like I would.

I'm glad we've never seen snakes around here. The lizards are enough for me.

Angelika said...

With enough meds in your system even a root canal is bearable. Woohoo to your son, then new snake hunter and don't think you are the only one with a trantula as a unwelcome pet. My husband brought one home from training one time in a Gatorade bottle. It followed me on the bottle wall every time I passed by. Not a comfortable sight or sound in that case. He said "So you can't say I never brought you anything home". Yeah, nice. I insisted it left the house after a couple of days.

Liz said...

Where do you live that you get rattlesnakes on the back porch and tarantulas in the bathtub? Yikes, I guess I'll stay in Chicago, long cold winters for no reptiles is a trade I'm willing to make!

Lydee said...

yea! for the snake tamers!

that's crazy, not snapping pics is totally understandable in those circumstances.

Stefaneener said...

Every time I read a post like this I'm so glad my Thing 2 doesn't live nearby. She'd be on that like white on rice. Sigh.

Anonymous said...
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Good Yarns said...

The yarn isn't much like you described, but...I can understand you were feeling a little distracted at that moment. Seeing red, yes.

And I am soooo glad that super-safety mom (me) wasn't there for the rattler. I wouldn't have flipped out.

Donna Boucher said...

Yay for a successful trip to the dentist!

Keep on healing!