Saturday, July 05, 2008

Sidetracked by Socks

So I noticed that most of you agree that, assuming all other valuables were secure, your finished knits would be sacrificed in favor of your stash. Isn't it funny that we spend so much time and energy on a project only to abandon it upon completion (or sometimes in the middle) for a new ball of yarn? I'm glad it's not just me.

Anyway, I finished my first pair of SOS socks a couple of days ago.

Speedway Socks

Speedway Socks
Chameleon Colorworks Bambino in "Klee"
Size 0 Magic Loop

Feeling like I'm on a bit of sock knitting roll now, I grabbed some more sock yarn and picked a couple of patterns. Yes, a couple... way start one pair when you can start 2?

I started with Cat Bordhi's Spring Thaw socks from the new Knitter's ______ . I quickly learned a few things.

1. Cat is an absolute genius and knitter extraordinaire.

2. I am not.

3. My ability to comprehend and follow instructions is greatly impaired by pain. (My toothache is back with a vengeance.)

Cat's perfectly designed toe called for a variety of 6 different increases, depending on row and side. While I have moments of tenacity when it comes to such things, yesterday was void of such moments so I quickly abandoned her instructions and settled for a basic kfb increase to knit my less-than-perfect toe. The next step involved some measurements and math (see #1 above) so I stopped with the completed toe (see #3 above) and took a nap.

Spring Thaw

Later I thought I'd try something less complicated so I cast on (3 times) with a simple k1,p1 rib for some Dublin Bay Socks. Unfortunately, I finished the leg only to realize that it was not simply a 2 row pattern repeat like I thought but a 4 row pattern instead. Rows 3 & 4 were on page 2 of the instructions. Rip.

Dublin Bay Socks

Unfortunately, I'm no longer getting the neat little stripe pattern I was getting before. I spent some time obsessing over this and considered frogging them (they could also use a bit more negative ease) but then I realized that they were going to be left behind in a disaster anyway so it really didn't matter.

Okay... now I think it's time for more Alieve.


Auntie Pudentaine said...

1. Love the knits!
2. I emailed you my paramedic/firefigher wifes drug suggestions :-)

Yarnhog said...

Forget the Aleve. Call the dentist. It's time.

Stefaneener said...

Hah! I'm going to tell myself, every time I see an, ahem, "design feature" in one of my knits, "Well, I'd abandon this in a disaster anyhow." Should help with the perspective.

I hope you got some good stuff for your tooth by now!

Maria said...

Shoot! I've had days like that where any knitting I touched died a sad and painful death! I hope today is better! How about some great yarn and a stockinette sock??? We're allowed to do mindless knitting occasionally!

Anonymous said...

Do you need me to look up a phone number to the dentist for you? You could get an infection that runs through your body and that could land you in a huge mess.

I do love your socks though. I just finished a pair myself with that same yarn. You chose the perfect pattern for it.