Sunday, July 20, 2008

Texas Treat

Just a quick note from Texas:

The trip has been great... everything has gone smooth so far (Praise God!) and we are thoroughly enjoying ourselves. I'm hoping to visit a popular LYS today or tomorrow and am anxious to share more pictures with you later.

But for now, this delicacy from the reception really stands alone.


Have you ever seen mashed potatoes served like this before? They had a whole mashed potatoes table set up with all the fixin's.

Finally, potatoes getting the respect they deserve!


Angelika said...

I love mashed potato, any which way and this looks very tasty. Hmmm.

Lydee said...

i thought it was some yummy scrumptious dessert; so disappointed to find out it was mashed potatoes!

mom said...

I wonder what my kids would think if I served mashed potatoes in such fancy dishes! LOL!

Tammy ~@~

Sarah said...

we went to a wedding with a mashed potato bar! Not as pretty as that though

Maria said...

What a great looking family. Isn't it nice to have one of those rare occasions where your kids do you proud???

And the Swallowtail looks amazing!