Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Travel Plans

Back in January, we found out that our oldest niece was getting married in July (that would be this July) in Texas (that would be 1500 miles from here). This was going to be a big family occasion and we knew immediately (back in January) that we would all be attending as a family. Of course we wanted to figure out the most cost effective way to get there... and we had to consider my husband's work schedule and my oldest son's football schedule (apparently the world stops spinning if you miss a week of football practice in the summer).

With all the cheerfulness and rationale that my perfected state of denial allows me to muster, I offered to drive our 4 younger boys the 1500 miles each way, so my husband could fly out for the weekend with our oldest.

Based on his years of experience in dealing with my intense travel anxieties that round out my completely lovable personality, DH says to me, "Hon, you say you want to do this now... but you know you'll freak out when the time comes to leave."

"Oh no!" I reply, "I can do this. Really. It will be fine!" (It is reflections like this that make me painfully aware that the surface me really does not know the inner me one tiny little bit because the reality is... I don't travel well. At all.)

Not long after this, my dental trauma began which totally distracted me from the upcoming trip. Last Wednesday, the day after I had my root canal it was brought to my attention in casual conversation that we would be leaving on Monday for Texas. "This coming Monday?!" I exclaimed. Yes, this coming Monday... as in less than a week... only 5 days away. This was seriously shocking to me and clearly nowhere near enough time to prepare for a 2 week trip that involves haircuts and formal wear in addition to the normally required packing and planning.

By Friday morning, I awoke in a panic of things that needed to be done. Then came the very real thoughts of what it's like to be in a hotel room with 4 boys. The confinement, the noise, the jumping on beds... then there's the bathroom stops, fighting, and whining in the car. So I did what any reasonable woman would do, I got up and began looking at airline prices.

Right away I found 5 non-stop tickets (with the return flight being the same as DH's!) for under $1500! With gas prices, I wasn't going to be able to drive for less so I jumped up and down, called my husband, yelled at my kids to get in the car (haircut appts.), begged them to get clothes for #5, waited for my husband to call me back, yelled at the kids WHO WERE NOT MOVING again, and finally ran them down the street, dropped them off for haircuts and rushed back home. The tickets were gone. GONE!

Obviously, the only thing to do now was to spend the next 5 hours bitterly searching ticket prices hoping another miracle flight would appear while growing increasingly cranky and stressed.

Fortunately for me, my husband is willing to put up with me a man of great patience and flexibility so... we are all flying now... different airplanes, different airlines, and landing in different airports... but flying none the less. I was so relieved that I was able to get a good night's sleep before I woke up Saturday morning worrying about suitcases and carry-ons getting lost. DH has assured me that he will take all the suitcases with him... that I only needed to bring my purse and the kids. (And the airline tickets... and yes, I'm worried about remembering those too.)

So I was also able to relax enough this weekend to finish a pair of socks.

Grumperina Dublins

Dublin Bay Socks
LL Sock in "Grumperina"
Size 1 Magic Loop w/Knit Picks Options
Cast on 64 Stitches

Now I must return to my pre-travel state of being distracted by everything but getting nothing done. You would not believe the enormous amount of energy this involves!


km said...

I don't know your definition of "not travel well", but I have my own version of that. I used to travel well...until one really bad flight home from China...that's a long 15 hours. Have fun in TX! I'll be praying for your traveling mercies.

Yarnhog said...

Oh, I would be so--ever so--annoyed at losing those tickets! Good luck with the trip. And may everyone behave like the angels you want people to believe they are.

Lydee said...

wow! give that man a klondike bar! (the commercial, on tv...oh never mind).

DH is a great man, isn't he! Have a wonderful time!

Angelika said...

At least the flight will be faster than the car ride and you can knit, which you wouldn't be able to do while driving. That's worth the money for the tickets.

Liz said...

I had to LOL at your story, I just returned from a driving trip to Niagara Falls (600 miles each way)with my DH & 3 daughters; trust me, you did the right thing booking the plane tix! I was soooo sick of my kids (all they do is bicker & say they're hungry!) by the end of that trip, then 100 miles from home, we had a near death experience when our transmission went out on the highway, at night, in a construction zone with no areas to pull over, and suddenly I was very appreciative for those same annoying kids!

Olga said...

oh Texas, I think I've had my fill of that state and also of long car rides for a looooooong time. Years maybe.

knittinwolf said...

Have a great trip in TX!

Debbie's Fun Bagz said...

Hi Tammy--

Have a safe and fun trip. I am sure you will all have fun!!!
Your Cousin-D.O.

mom said...

Ohmigoodness, I was giggling about the whole escapade only to be completely surprised that you relaxed enough to finish knitting an amazing pair of socks! YOU ROCK!

Have an awesome time on your trip and at the wedding! :-)

Tammy ~@~