Sunday, July 06, 2008

Rambling and Venting Ahead

I love blogging. I love meeting so many interesting people and the new friends I've made. I get ridiculously thrilled when I find somebody who shares a common point of view or quirk (especially quirk), and I have also enjoyed a couple of respectful discussions on points of difference with people who I otherwise might have never had a chance to sit down and chat with, or get to know better... people who I also now consider my friends.

Sometimes I'm just all full of blogging love.

I think it is mostly because there seems to exist, at least in the majority of knitting blogs, a respect for their guests. The "hot topics" of religion and politics tend to be ignored, downplayed, or at least respectfully approached, and ideas are shared without name calling or ridicule. This gives us a chance to get to know each other as people... not just as labels. Ugh... I'm struggling with phrasing here, but, maybe since so much of my time is spent with children, other SAHMs and my like-minded friends, I really love how blogging has expanded my social circles to include such a variety of fascinating people.

And then comes Ravelry. I LOVE Ravelry! The organization, the creativity, the patterns, the ability to see every Clapotis that has ever been knit! Priceless! And there are groups (forums) for everything (and I do mean everything) on Ravelry. I have met some wonderful people there too... and that seemed like fun at first too.

But something is making me sad.

While the forums provide a great opportunity to unite with other people who share your interests (from significant to trivial), it seems to me that they end up breeding a lot more division than unity. And I think that's a shame. There is something less personal about the message board or forum format that seems to make people feel they can check their manners at the door. I actually stopped visiting homeschooling forums years ago for this very reason. People (especially in the general forums) just get downright rude... and not only that, I find people visiting groups just to insult or disagree with the members. Why? I mean really... why?!

The real kicker was a visit I made to an LYS yesterday only to endure a gathering of women who raucously discussed a variety of topics (including politics) with very little concern for the other shoppers in the store. Now don't get me wrong... I am in no way offended by the political views of others... but when insults and condescending remarks have to be thrown into the mix, I think it's just rude. They even started making fun of other Ravelry groups. Hello! You're in a yarn store... do ya think you might be insulting somebody standing next to you?

So, sadly, my illusion of knitting unity and love has been shattered. Sniff.

And my tooth is infected and needs a root canal... or so my dentist informed me when I called him today with unmanageable pain. Now I have antibiotics and "House meds" as my friend up north calls them. So if I sound cantankerous... or don't make sense, that may be why. At least we'll go with that, 'kay?


Lydee said...

oh no! I am so sorry to hear about your tooth, I truly am. I'm sending good thoughts your way....

I agree with you, bloggers are polite and's such a jolt to realize there are others that could be so condescending....

Sarah said...

Tooth pain... it makes me want to cry.

I'm glad bloggers are as polite as they are. I think it's because we're putting ourselves out there and want to not alienate ourselves so we have to remember that.

Or maybe everyone in my circle of bloggers also gets a stomach ache when people do things I was raised to be considered rude or disrespectful? Could that be possible? I have found them to be a nice group on the whole and I really enjoy my daily peek into other's worlds.

Angelika said...

I guess some people just done care sometimes and just blurd out what they think, without considerations for innocent bystanders. Thank god there are still knitters and crafters like us, right? And take care of that tooth.

Stefaneener said...

I'm so sorry about your tooth. Nowadays, though, the root canal isn't so bad. . . I had one a couple of years ago and listened to music the whole time. At least it beats whiskey and pliers!

I think people are people in general. Good, indifferent, less-pleasant, knitters can be as cantankerous as anyone. Most bloggers are pretty polite, though. It's such a public forum. Enjoy the good and try to ignore the rest.

km said...

If the pain is that bad, then the moment they cut the nerve, you'll be ready to PTL no matter how nervous you are. It's that quick. And don't forget your ipod. Music that can drown out the drill. You'll be glad that it's over.

Why can't everyone just be polite!?!

Auntie Pudentaine said...

Yeah for drugs!! Hang in there because it will all be over before you know it and you will feel SO much better! Are you going in today? I will be praying for you!

As for the other stuff...that will pass too :-)

Sue said...

Hope you get some dental relief ASAP! And thanks for participating in my blog contest for July 4th.

Wendy said...

I understand the tooth. Ugh. Root canals are awful, but the tooth pain is worse. If you can, find a good looking endodontist (sp?). Mine is a hunk. Makes getting that procedure a little less uncomfortable.

Yarnhog said...

I'm so sorry about your tooth! How miserable.

I'm also sorry you're not feeling the love. I have strong political opinions and enjoy discussing and debating politics, but I don't do it on my blog or on Ravelry. For me, knitblogging is about the love of the craft we share, not about the things that divide us. Don't we have enough of those already?

Donna Boucher said...

I'm sorry Tammy.
Teeth pain is awful and so is unkind talk.

Take care.