Saturday, August 02, 2008

Decisions, Decisions

So I've been sitting here with some Dream in Color Baby for the last month or so that I purchased at a discount to participate in The Loopy Ewe DIC Baby KAL. Since I've become quite the joiner... and a discount was involved... it was really a no brainer. Except for picking the color. Fortunately for me, Sheri at TLE as the patience of a saint and is as kind as can be when I change colors after placing an order. (Actually, the LYS has come to expect the same of me and has accepted my inability to make a decision with the same good humor with which they accept my husband's hard-earned money.)

But back to the DIC Baby... I finally settled on In Vino Veritas which is the most gorgeous shades of what I'd call garnet. I have absolutely, obsessively agonized over what to make with it. My preference was a rectangular wrap (since I had recently knit the Shetland Triangle in another shade of red) and I was full of visions of a glamorous winter wrapped with the rich reds tossed tossed around my neck just so.

However, such visions are really hard to live up to and all the most perfect wraps require more yardage than I have... or look to boring to knit. Then I found Aquila. (Note: I've seen some smaller versions on Ravelry that are quite stunning.) Yes it is a triangle, but I absolutely became enthralled with the idea of knitting it... a fact that I'm sure is due in no small part to the unavailability of the pattern in English. The pattern is free but from a Finnish online pattern source... and as such, is written in Finnish. Again, this only made me want it more.

So as I stewed and obsessed, it occurred to me this week that the owner of the LYS is from somewhere in that area... could it be?? So I stopped by and guess what? She is from Finland and would be able and willing to help me translate the pattern if I returned with it on Friday! Of course, it didn't seem right to ask for such a favor without making at least a small purchase so I bought this.


Actually, I bought yellow, this is the color I exchanged it for when I went back yesterday.

Anyway, when I returned with the pattern, I started admiring some new lace that she recently started carrying. It's a wool/silk blend from... Finland! Now what better to knit a Finnish shawl with than Finnish lace? Nothing, right? It was a must.


I got home and had to try it right away. Boy is laceweight yarn tiny. I find shawls completely addicting, but I need to work with this for a while to get a feel for what a finished lace shawl will look and feel like. I may want to double it.


Oh, and the DIC Baby... it's on its way to becoming a Sea & Shells Stole. I suppose it could be the coveted Aquila, but it seems to have settled it's way into something else. And peace has been restored to my world.

DIC Baby

On a side note, I finished The Shack. I found it fascinating, although disconcerting at times, and am surprised and disheartened by some of the harsh criticism it's received. Anyway, if you've read it, I'd love to hear your thoughts!


sophanne said...

Lemmee tell ya- that colorway of Regia is my favorite pair of socks ever made. luv it luv it luv it

knittinwolf said...

Love the Finland yarn...its going to be beautiful! Love the stole too...printing it out right now!:) Have a great knittin weekend! When are you doing the back to school thing? I need to start planning the school year this next week. Do your boys gripe about school?

larheel said...

Hope you have fun with your "final" colors of yarn for these...they look great!

I have read The Shack, and enjoyed it so much I'm going to be teaching on it at church this fall. I think it's a book that begs for discussion. There's too much in it to process all at once. I'm really looking forward to my "re-reading" for class, since I'm sure I didn't pick up on everything the first time. I'd love to hear what your favorite (or least-favorite) part was, if you have one!

mom said...

A rainy afternoon is a good time to stop here and look at your latest yarn finds....mmmmm!

I wondered if you finished The Shack. This week someone else mentioned reading it and had the same kind of mixed review. It's tickling my curiosity a bit....I may have to read it! :-)

Tammy ~@~

Kate said...

I had never heard of "The Shack" until your post (I've never been up-to-date on the popular books). Now I'm curious. I may have to read it. The reviews that I read on Amazon do make me nervous about it, though.

Lydee said...

have to check out the shack. your wips look gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

It looks like everything worked out perfectly in the end.

Those are going to be beautiful!