Thursday, August 14, 2008

Not Everyone Gets the Gold

Let me show you the projects I've committed to finish for the Ravelympics Wrestling WIP event.

Classic Elite Lace Ribbon Scarf

Now I'd like to show you my progress...


Dishclothes #2 & #3.

As I mentioned before, I've also been quite busy lately with things like Facebook and, more recently, storing all my sock yarn in large ziploc bags according to color. Things that just couldn't be avoided really.

And I felt bad that I had left my first Hedera sock hanging like I did and figured if I could just get it done, then I could focus. And start the 2nd one.

Hedera Sock #1

It's quite possible that I'm just not Olympic material. Although, I also suspect the call of the Wollmeise is much stronger than my commitment to languishing WIPs. Maybe I need a partner to knit in sync with me. Synchronized Knitting. Yes, that's it! But I don't think that was even one of the categories. Now that's peculiar.


sophanne said...

Bwah hah hah hah hah!!!!!

synchronized knitting!

I can't believe I hadn't thought of that yet!

I'll be you're partner. Mr. Sophanne and I have tried to do some synchronizing in daily life but have only managed to get to the drive dancing level.

Maria said...

Did you know that you can buy 10 dishclothes at Wal-M*rt for about $5.00?

We should have done the same project of Ravelympics. That would have been fun.

Laura said...

I love you Tammy!!!!

I'm knitting dishcloths and crocheting potholders. And I heartily sympathize with organizing one's sock stash. That's the kind of project I start without meaning to, then find that I've spent several hours doing it. Mindless, menial, and productive - in a not-helpful-to-the-whole-family way. They never get it when I say,"TAAA-DAAA! Look! All my yarn and roving organized according to fiber content and color and weight!"

Why can't they share my excitement?!

Anonymous said...

Whenever I need to find my smile and get a little chuckle, you never fail me. I love your blog!!

Synchronized Knitting would've been brilliant!

You know how in the team swimming relays, they can substitute people? Maybe your can just say your dishcloths were substituted for the scarf?

Heather said...

Synchronized Knitting? That would be worlds more exciting than table tennis. I'd consider competing in that category (gasp, introvert self just cringed).

Never underestimate the importance of organized stash.

Yarnhog said...

The problem is not with your knitting; it is with your event selection. You should have competed in the 50 meter dishcloth, not the 400 meter sweater and the 200 meter scarf. Rookie mistake.

Lydee said...

synchronized knitting, LOL! couldn't quit wrap my sleepy brain around spelling that one.

5elementknitr said...

You crack me up!

I wouldn't be able to resist the Wollmeise either.

Stefaneener said...

Of course. If there's synchronized diving, for pete's sake, then knitting so should be an event. Synchronized, even. Maybe you're just more of a team player than an individual.

Susan said...

If they missed it this time around, there will be synchronized knitting for the next Ravelympics for sure!

Sarah said...


Oh well.

Anonymous said...

I am getting a bit farther than you on my projects. They are all WIP wrestling. I was just thinking I need to knit more. I was given some shelves this week and reorganized all my yarn. My eldest son moved home and for some odd reason my phone has rang off the hook. distractions, distractions, distractions.
Looks like your ready for a garterlac dishcloth.....extremely addicting