Monday, August 18, 2008

FO: Hedera Socks

Okay... this is much better! Nice and easy what I want, when I want kinda knitting. Actually, I would like all of life to happen when and how I want but it rarely does. And I have to practice, pray for, and attempt self-control in enough areas of my life to inflict it on my knitting too.

So, with great satisfaction, I present my most beloved Hedera socks.

Hedera Socks

I think these may be my most favorite pair of socks EVER!

The yarn is Hand Jive's Nature's Palette Fingering in "Ripe Wheat".

I'm most definitely in a sock mood. I've already cast on for my next pair. They really do make great summer knitting... small, lightweight and portable.

I also joined a book club on Ravelry to give me a literature nudge. I'm currently listening to their August selection Water for Elephants. So far, the story is engaging and the narration is wonderful... although it's harder to skim through the, um, racy parts when your listening than when you're reading. Anyway, I love to be able to knit and "read" at the same time.

Happy summer knitting!


5elementknitr said...

Do racy bits make you knit faster? Maybe I should try that as I'm woefully behind with my Olympic knitting!

Stefaneener said...

Nice socks. Let me know when you figure out how to make life sit and roll over when you want. I could use some of that.

Heather said...

Gorgeous socks!

Yarnhog said...

Skim through the racy parts?! Why on earth would you want to skim through the racy parts?! I read those twice!

Anonymous said...