Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Shopping with Tammy

I'm sitting here on the threshold of insanity (a very short walk from any point in this house actually) trying to communicate with y'all via my decrepit desktop that is creeping along at a spitefully slow pace. Even checking my e-mail these days, leaves me ready to shed big crocodile tears or bang my head against the wall... but I figure while Sponge Bob absorbs my children's minds for the next 1/2 hour 2 hours, I'll try to post. And since I like a good challenge, I am waiting for flickr to upload my photos while I have this page open! Actually, I'm still waiting for the upload photos page to come up... but you get the idea.

Anyway... Let's go shopping. Since a gal can only buy so much yarn (or so I hear), there are a couple of other things I like to shop for.

For example, I have a thing for stitch markers. These are my new favorites from Hide & Sheep.

While I do like the dangling markers, they can also get in the way on some projects. These purty ones come in many sizes and are nice and smooth. No snagging!

If you're going to try Cat Bordhi's new sock patterns, you need alphabet stitch markers like these that I got from J.L. Yarnworks. (Why yes that is a Spiral Corialis sock in the background... but more on that later.)

While you're at Etsy, you should check out the stitch markers at Dragonlady Designs and SeeJayneKnitYarns too. Cute stuff!

I also have a thing for project bags and I love these little cubes...

The small cube is from Schrodinger and the larger one is from ZigZag Stitches. (It was very nicely priced and came with a little notions pouch which is great for scissors, needles, hooks, etc.)

So there's my shout out to some of the Etsy artisans who make my knitting world a little more beautiful.

Finally, I have a major thing for books. Knitting books and, well, books in general. Having time to read them is really just a preferable but unnecessary prerequisite. Much like buying sock yarn. These three came recently.

I'm really excited about 2-at-a-Time Socks because it teaches you to knit 2 socks at a time using the Magic Loop method. I've done it with 2 circulars before but all those dangling ends just made me loopy.

I've only glanced at The Knitter's Book of Yarn (you know I've been so busy sitting here waiting for e-mails to download and stuff), but it looks great. It not only offers a wealth of info on fibers, plies, and other yarn stuff, but also has an interesting variety of patterns featuring each of the different yarn weights.

Then there's Sensual Knits. Now honestly, I don't remember why I ordered it in the first place because when I think of wool and knitting, the word "sensual" really doesn't have a place. Maybe I just don't have a good understanding of the word... but, well, I'm just not thinking wool sweater when I hear it.

However, if sensual means feminine and classy, then the title is a perfect fit. The book is full of lovely designs knit with a variety of, dare I say, sensual yarns. Could that be it?? Here are just a couple of examples...

Okay, I think my children are playing with fire so I need to run.

Happy shopping!


Angelika said...

I love all the little goodies you are showing. You are such a bad influence sometimes.

Sheila said...

I'd like to her how you like magic loop compaired to 2 circulars.

I'm going to try to patiently wait for your review.


km said...

I was actually looking at Hide and Sheep last week. Some of the cute stitch markers "snag" so I was looking at those and some others with a flexible wire. I guess I need to go buy them.

Laura said...

"Having time to read them is really just a preferable but unnecessary prerequisite. Much like buying sock yarn."

That could be my philosophy of life. Or at least of books & yarn (which is most of my life).

I also would love to hear your opinions on the 2 socks at a time book. Please? :)

janet said...

I learned some new things to do to my computer to help it run faster - www.ewido is a free site that will clean-up spyware and maleware. It'll take about an hour. You can also defrag and do a disc clean-up. FYI

Sarah said...

I have that same Schrodinger bag.
I knew I liked you.

Yarnhog said...

You big tease! You said you'd tell us more about the sock and then left us hanging! MORE SOCK MORE SOCK MORE SOCK...

Donna Boucher said...

Thank you for making such a valiant effort to blog, Tammy!!!

Thank goodness for the mailman.