Friday, January 04, 2008

Itty-Bitty Thread

For a change of pace, we are having weather here in Southern California. Yes, real weather! We are under a "Severe Storm Alert" which, in this part of the country basically means it might rain. A little or a lot... no matter... it's weather and worthy of news. But this appears to be a real storm with the implied wind and rain all day long. I love this weather. I live for grey stormy skies. The splashing of rain on the windows and roof warm my heart. I want to snuggle up with a good book and knit... which, actually, is exactly what I did today.

However, I didn't do it alone. It would be quiet if I were alone. My heart wouldn't be pounding if I were alone. I would feel... what's that word? Oh yeah, "peaceful"... even joyful if I were alone. But as I said, I am not alone. No, I am in a house with 5 boys who can't go outside and play. Five boys who pretty much didn't know what to do with themselves by 2:00. Five boys who I am ready to lock out of the house (with jackets of course). If I give them a tent too could I get in trouble for that?

On top of it all, the power cord for my lifeline to the outside world (ie. my husband's laptop) has suffered some sort of damage from being twisted through the workings of a recliner. I'm feeling fairly certain that the crackling and sizzling sounds coming from the exposed wiring is not a good thing and should probably be avoided. And while the image of little power cord fireworks going off in my lap does make me shudder, I'm honestly much more concerned about the possibility of it causing his computer to seize leaving me even more hopelessly bound to this dinosaur... my old desktop computer. The upstairs desktop computer that sits on what used to be my desk but now is just a place that is home to a bunch of paper and books that have yet to find a more permanent home. I'm pretty sure my desk is still underneath it all supporting the mess though.

Upstairs. All the way upstairs. This is really limiting my social life. And I'm struggling with the powerful cravings and subsequent feelings of loss that come over me whenever I think about a quick game of Minesweeper. sigh

Aside from the general inconvenience, do you have any idea what happens when I escape upstairs for a few quiet moments? The boys... whatever their doing, wherever they're at... immediately need me. They're suddenly hungry, crying, fighting, jumping, racing, yelling. All. Around. ME.

I'm hanging on by a thread here. Just an itty bitty thread. Did I mention that the space key and return key on this computer only work sometimes? A thread.

On the bright side, I did receive my order from Old Navy today and, after several attempts, almost everything fit! Of course, I eliminated most of the trial and error by choosing a couple of pant styles I already had and just ordering more in different colors... but I'm easy to please like that. Now picking out yarn... totally different story.

Whoops. Times up... boy creatures are a-coming.


km said...

I thought that maybe as they got older, they wouldn't follow me through the house, needing me whenever I tried to do something for me and not for them.

I think the tent is a good idea. There's no lightning. Oh, but then there would be the mud when they inevitibly returen. I'm glad that mine still like to hide under their beds. Best fort we ever bought

Angelika said...

I could acutally see where you could find to appreciate the old computer, if you could pretend you weren't home or the boys weren't home. That would be better since we know what they can get into without proper adult supervision. And I only have two (temporarily three at the moment) of them.

Julie said...

Don't forget about the lightning Tammy. I've got three of my crew outside right now awaiting the aforementioned "weather" with lightning rods (aka umbrellas). I wonder if I could get into some kind of trouble for that, too.
Oh, and I make them strip begfore coming in and throw everything in the wash, shoes included. They say I am a "Bad mama". Then they bless me and call me wonderful as they emerge clean and warm from the bath or shower I force them to endure.

Auntie Pudentaine said...

I wonder if you could make some sort of Scare Crow type "Tammy", dressed in your clothing. Just prop her up on the couch, put some yarn in her lap and see if that throws them off the scent for a while. It might buy you just enough time to run! Run fast like the wind, and hide out somehow....ignore me, blizzard boredom is taking over...

mom said...

Okay, I'm smiling about your *weather*....

And I'm feelin' your pain about your computer situation :::sigh:::

And I'm lovin' your knitting projects as usual. That scarf is wonderful...mmmm! As well as the socks!

Tammy ~@~