Tuesday, January 08, 2008


I have a headache.

Not just an ordinary headache but an intensely piercing, unrelenting, wake me up too early in the morning type of headache. It is the worst headache ever... well, at least with the exception of the obnoxious chess-playing kid on House. (Remember the one? They were hoping that his rudeness was illness related and could be healed as well?)

Now, I am somewhat of an expert on headaches... getting them that is. I get sinus headaches, hormonal headaches, migraines, too-many-noisy-kids headaches, cluttered house headaches, etc. I get headaches that last for days and ones that keep me awake at night. But I'm telling you this one is bad... and I'm thinking sinus related... thus the Benedryl that I only take in the most severe of circumstances because it will probably have me back to sleep within the hour.

It is not the kind of headache that makes you cheerful to drive your son to school when it's freezing outside. 45 degrees to be exact. I know this makes many of you laugh. I've lived in New York and know that 45 degrees is not freezing but my thin So Cal skin has adapted (over the 30 years I've live here) to the 70 degree average we experience most of the year. And, not only is it freezing, but it's bright and sunny outside. A little too bright if you ask me.

To top it all off, I had to stop for Cascade and toilet paper... two of the only things that we absolutely can not live without. Sure, I could have the kids wash the dirty dishes by hand... but would you want to use a fork that's been washed by a boy child? No. I didn't think so.

On the upside, things are still quiet. The kids are all still asleep and there's no chance of me waking them up any time soon!

Anyway, I only share this with you because I have this narcissistic need to let others know when I am suffering. I find commiseration is a very important quality in a friend.

Well, I'm sensing an increasing likelihood that I'll be back to sleep before the headache departs, but I'll try to talk knitting later. Just as soon as I try to move this behemoth of a hard drive to find the usb port for my camera on the back. But I can till you that...

1. I've finished the back and fronts of Twist. (Check out Marie-Grace's post on blocking and set-in sleeves. Very, very helpful!)
2. I'm halfway through a Cat Bordhi Spiral Corialis Sock.
3. I've started IK's Gathered Pullover with some Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece (which may or may not work for this pattern... only time will tell).

And we are attempting to start back to school... all of us fighting it tooth and nail... but, alas, it must be done. More later on that as well.

Okay... now I hear them waking up. They have turned on the recording they made of American Gladiator because, above all things, quality TV is a huge priority in this house. See ya later.


Laura said...

Sympathy for your headache - and I'm praying you're over it soon!

Becca said...

Ugh is right! You are a stronger woman that I, a headache like that would send me straight to bed. I sure hope it goes away soon.

I really want to make that Gathered Pullover! I can't wait to see how your's goes.

Auntie Pudentaine said...

So I am reading that the temperature is cold and started laughing, only to read the next line...."I know some of you are laughing"...that could not have been more perfect. I think the other day I had one degree running around outside someplace and was glad to have even 1...it had been in the take aways for a few days! Oh well, I am cozy inside!

I sincerely hope your headache passes soon. An upside could be if you used it as a test run for deterring the kids. You might not have to hide from them, but could hide out claiming a headache. A bit too much of the boy who cries wolf?

I do hope it gets better though!

Auntie Pudentaine said...

Oh, I almost forgot...Marie-Grace's post was pure genius!! I almost wanted to print it out, actually I might still print it out.

Donna Boucher said...

I am praying that your head feel better by now.

sophanne said...

Stupid dumb sinus headaches

hopefully none of the boy children glued their hands to their beds to delay the return to school. There was an article about this event in Mexico city in the Pittsburgh Post!

Teachers at school said they would "kill" their kid. I said I would look at him and say "okey dokey- knock yourself out."

Olga said...

oh I feel for you, I had the headache woes last week, thankfully- all gone now.

Michelle said...

Hope you feel better soon! Go eat a ton of chocolate and drink some Coke. Caffine is supposed to dialate the blood vessels in your head, or something. At least that's what I tell myself when I get a headache!

Auntie Pudentaine said...

I packed up your order today! We took a vote and all of us unanimously voted for the other color bag than what you ordered. You said you didn't care, so I switched it.

I also put in my favorite candy...the stawberries! Yumm!!

Lydee said...

Yes, American Gladiator has been a big hit at my house too, with my husband and my tomboy little girl.

Hope your headache is gone by now. Bet the weather change had something to do with it. That's what we blame it on over here. Oh, and my furnace, when it makes the air really dry I get a sinus headache.

Yarnhog said...

With five boys in the house, no other reason for a headache is necessary. I hope it's gone by the time you read this.

mom said...

Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!

Hope you are feeling much much better by now and survived your boys playing American Gladiator in your living room while they were watching (I KNOW they did! LOL!)

Tammy ~@~