Sunday, January 20, 2008


I am in LOVE! I am so pleased with the way this came out.

There's always a bit of concern when I'm knitting a garment that requires seaming. Not because I dislike seaming, but because the end result is a bit of a mystery. Will it fit? How will it hang... what if the sleeves are too long (because it always seems like they're going to be too long). I'm sure with more experience, I'll be able to evaluate such things with more accuracy. I hope.

Anyway, I'm thrilled with the end result. The weather even cooled off enough for me to wear it today. This never happens.

Twist by Chic Knits
Dream in Color Classy in Cloud Jungle: 5 hanks
Knit Picks Options: Sizes 7 & 6
Size: 38"
ETA: Since the yarn is hand dyed, I used 2 skeins of yarn at a time alternating them every two rows. I also found Marie Grace's set-in sleeves tutorial invaluable!

I'm crazy about this yarn. The colors are just amazing and it is so soft ans squishy to work with. The only problem I have is with the button band. It's kinda flimsy. I did some reinforcement around a few of the buttonholes which seemed to help, so I'll do the same with the rest... but I think I also need to do some sort of reinforcement around the buttons.

Finally, a note on gauge (and my inability to grasp the full potential of the swatch). I did a decent swatch for this... and even soaked and blocked it. The gauge was about the same and it appeared to be the same size overall, so I proceeded. The key words here would be "about" and "appeared". These words are really too vague when comparing a 5 inch square to an entire sweater.
Apparently, superwash merino stretches when soaked. A lot. Lucky for me, if there's one thing I know how to do well, it's shrink things! Yep, I tossed the wet pieces in the dryer on low heat for a quick tumble. Ta-da... perfect size, perfect gauge.

Next up... football and The Amazing Race. Oh, and more knitting of course. I'm thinking maybe a hat (because I just wear them soooo often), then maybe Lady Eleanor. But we'll see. There's no shortage of socks on the needles either.


Becca said...

Great job! You can't go wrong with Dream in Color. It looks terrific on you.

Donna Boucher said...

Oh my goodness!!!
Professional quality knitting here, Tammy!
Just beautiful!!!

I am so happy that it fits so perfectly and that you are happy with it!!!

We are going to have to TIVO TAR!!!!


Octopus Knits said...

Oh, it's really lovely! Wonderful job - I so want to make a sweater out of Dream in Color yarn (but I've got to work my stash down a bit before I consider buying some)!

Charity said...

Tammy, you look amazing! What a great knit. :0)

Michelle said...

Looks fantastic! Perfect fit! Isn't this yarn the best? The only thing keeping me going on the tedious moss stitch of the Minimalist Cardi is this amazing yarn. Great job!

~Kristie said...

Wow! That turned out beautiful! Don't you love it when you find the perfect combination of pattern and yarn and then have it fit? Must be heaven. Hopefully the weather won't warm up too much so that you can wear it a few times.

Maria said...

Oh crud!!! You make me want to work on mine again. I'm bouncing between projects like a rubber ball. You did an awesome job. You can be proud of that sweater.

Yarnhog said...

That looks fantastic on you! Way to go. I find superwash wool almost always needs a trip through the dryer to tighten it back up.

And you got an award! Details on my blog :)

lynda said...

Wow - that's beautiful! I think twist is my next cardigan

Shar said...

I love your finished results. The color looks great on you. I have Twist in my queue, as well.

km said...

Great sweater. And it's perfect to go with a jeans and t-shirt wardrobe.

Angelika said...

Your sweaters all fit so nicely on you. I need to figure out how to do that shrink to fit thing you are talking about :D.

Sarah said...

Love that collar! It looks great on you!

I am afraid of seaming too, I am not patient enough to get it right and hate to redo anything.

Auntie Pudentaine said...

I don't know how you do it! The crazy amount of finishing you do astounds me!

It is stunning btw.

mom said...

My daughter and I just went through your "knitting" file (or whatever it is called). Simply unbelievable. Your work is beautiful! We want you to move next door so we can buy new pairs of socks from you regularly as we love love love the colors and patterns :-D

Tammy ~@~

handknit168 said...

Lovely and I like your collar and the colour. It suit you perfectly.