Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I've been trying to figure out if I've been too busy to blog or if life is too boring to blog about. I'm thinking it's both... in addition to the fact that I'm trying to limit my knitting projects so there's just not much to show you. I might add that this fact alone makes me an extraordinarily boring and antsy person who is losing enthusiasm for knitting and life in general. Clearly I need to start a new project... and I think I'll buy some yarn to liven up the blog for you... because that's the kind of gal I am.

Anyway, I was searching my overstuffed bookshelves last night for a book that my dad loaned my several years ago. I never, ever read books twice but this is such an insightful look at the life of Oswald Chambers that I thought it was worth a second read. Searching for a book in my house is no easy task as it involves many shelves in several rooms as well as my nightstand and under my bed. (Note to self... vacuum under bed.) My husband couldn't understand my determination and since it was getting pretty late asked, "Why do you need it now? Are you going to start it tonight?"

His question kinda baffled me and I replied, "I don't know. But I've decided I want to read it so I need to find it."

Is there a distinction? It's like deciding you want to knit a certain something so you buy the yarn when the decision is made regardless of when you're actually going to knit it. I know some people practice such things as "self-control" and "patience" but let's just say, for better or worse, these aren't my strengths.

But back to the bookshelves... considering that I think most of the answers to life can be found in books, one can get a pretty good idea of everything that has ever interested, concerned, or puzzled me by browsing my bookshelves.

Of course, parenting is a big one. Here's a couple from the early years...

Moving on from hope to desperation we find...

BTW - I love the third one. Unfortunately though, just reading these type of books is never enough. They usually require some sort of effort or follow through on my part in the way of discipline, diet, or attitude, none of which are likely to happen thereby only leaving me with some interesting conversation topics and a greater understanding of my lazy nature and undisciplined children.

My dad sends me a lot of books and he obviously has an amusing perspective of my life...

I LOVE the title of the first one!

Here are a couple of my favorites.

Both of these books really had an impact on my role as a mother. Homeschooling with a Meek and Quiet Spirit is a wonderful book for any homeschooling mom... especially if the title alone makes you chuckle. As if! Actually, I should probably read this one at least once a year!

This is just a glimpse, as their are dozens more on topics ranging from homeschooling to theological controversies and I wouldn't dare show you photos of these shelves because it would expose every thought that has ever crossed my mind.

At any rate, I never did find my dad's Oswald Chambers book. I'm going to assume I gave it back to him so I ordered another copy from Amazon... along with a couple other items so I could get that free shipping.

Now, for the highlight of my day, I get to help my son with his Algebra. I love Algebra!! Oddly, he does not share my enthusiasm. Go figure.


Good Yarns said...

Those books look so good...I only have a few of them at home. I can see I must expand my library again.

If I actually laughed out loud when I read the "gentle and quiet spirit" title, does that mean there is no hope? ;)

Laura said...

Love those book titles! I can definitely understand your determination to find THAT book when you thought of it. I'm the same way. Just this past week I went looking for a particular James Thurber book and a certain CD we used to listen to while doing schoolwork. I turned the house upside down, and finally ordered both items from Amazon - along with a few other books... .

And I love algebra, too!

km said...

I guess I should buy the "Gentle & Quiet Spirit" book. That sure doesn't describe most of my days. One book you didn't mention... http://www.mopshop.org/index.php?act=warehouse&info=BK00271
Now, you can see if I'm reading that one that I'm not the G&Q type. =0) It's a good thing God isn't finished working on me yet.

Donna Boucher said...

I own two of those books....guess which ones ;o)

And by the way....I love the progression of your reading.
Very clever!

Lydee said...

good post! loved reading about your books!