Thursday, April 24, 2008

Previously On LOST...

I have no idea.

Something to do with Michael... and a freighter... or was it Jin rushing to the hospital in the future... no the past?

Oh well, it doesn't really matter.

All that matters is that its Thursday night and I will be able to watch Survivor and Lost. Harmony is being restored to my universe. Truth be told, I'm a little thrown by the 10:00 time slot... and not just because that means an extra hour of noisy boys who will want to stay up and see it.

Then we have a new House on Monday!!! Yay!!! But... on a Monday. Unstable universe.

And even though I'm thrilled with the return of my favorites, my enthusiasm is somewhat restrained by the fact that these late season returns are merely a peck on the cheek and will be gone in 4 quick weeks at which point we will go into summertime re-runs. Two summertime re-run seasons in one year. It's just not right. It's confusing to my inner sense of seasons... and well-being.

Big Bang Theory remains a strong fill-in, but I do miss 24 on Monday nights. American Idol & NCIS have provided some consistency for Tuesdays... but (yawn) several of the Idols this season just put me to sleep. As for Wednesdays, I just can't find any satisfaction in the 8:00 time slot.

My inner peace relies on a consistent schedule to look forward to. I am like a hungry infant without it... just wandering through the days and weeks with no sense of stability.

I feel the staff of Saturday Night Live must be likewise affected because I would think that after 3 months of time off the writers would've returned full of brilliant ideas... but sadly this doesn't seem to be the case. At all. Christopher Walken was good a couple of weeks ago but I can't figure out if he's oddly brilliant or just strangely odd. Check out "Googly Eyes" and "Surprise Party" here. (I'm not responsible for the content of anything else you click on!) Or, you can wait and see the whole show again this Saturday. Apparently they have only been able to pull together about 3 new episodes since the strike which they just keep cycling through. I'm telling you... total breakdown in the television universe. (FWIW, yes I know that SNL is juvenile, but what can I say... I'm easily amused. I just watch with discretion. For the most part.)

I've even lost my knitting rhythm and found myself forced to put in a new sock yarn order for motivation... cause there's nothing like new yarn to restore my inner peace.


Good Yarns said...

What did you think of LOST???? I loved it this morning as I snuck it in, watching it in between math and language lessons. I am thrilled to see Ben just "appear" off the island!!!!! It's kind of like beaming down from the Enterprise.

Marylu said...

I feel like you about the TV schedule. I'm not ready for reruns yet. I...must...have...TV!!Hee Hee!

Yarnhog said...

We just--just!--got a DVR and will be able to record all those 10 pm shows that currently keep us up way past when we should be in bed.

BTW--I'm not sure what you said about LOST because I did the visual equivalent of sticking my fingers in my ears and singing, "Lalala..." We only discovered it a couple of months ago and have watched the entire series on DVD, but we aren't caught up to the current season and are going to extreme lengths to avoid spoilers!

Olga said...

Yes, my theory is Ben has a teleporter on the island and thats why he wants to keep it secret, I'm going crazy waiting for the new season!!! Why can't those actors work 24/7 with no breaks? They don't need no stinkin summer off, they just had 5 months!!!