Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Few of My Favorite Things

If you don't have one of these, you need one!

GoKnits Pouch

I've had a small GoKnit Pouch for years, but just recently acquired a medium size one from The Loopy Ewe. It's wonderful! The small one is perfect for a sock on the go, but the medium will easily hold the back of a sweater and a few extra balls of yarn.

GoKnits Pouch

I was really trying to stick with the above cardigan through its completion but I couldn't resist starting another lace project.


This is Juno Regina from last fall's Knitty in Malabrigo lace. I think the discouragement from Talia is best remedied with a project that will require no sizing, gauge, or finishing. (I also love pudgy little boy fingers.)

I have been mildly obsessed with this yarn since I received it last week.

Hand Maiden Casbah

It's Hand Maiden Casbah in "Smoke" and is a blend of Merino, Cashmere & Nylon in gorgeous shades of lavendar and greys. In hopes of being able to knit something large enough to wrap myself up in, I quickly tried to order some more but it was sold out. I'm not sure what I could knit with only 325m aside from socks, but I'm considering a small blankie to sleep with or just wearing the hank around my neck like a scarf. If you have any ideas, please, shoot them my way.

Remember that little loose tooth that JoJo was so worried about? The poor little guy has not even been able to go to sleep at night without some assurance that it won't fall out when he's sleeping... and that little loose teeth don't just drop out of your mouth without you knowing about it. So we get in the car about an hour ago and he suddenly shouts, "Where is my tooth? It's gone!" And so it is.


Whadda ya know.

Lastly, one of my not so favorite things... proudly displayed by my reptile catching son in the middle of my living room.


I don't know why the little guy didn't dash off his hand any more than I know why I told him to stay put while I grabbed the camera. But it did... so I did. According to my son, it's a Blue Bellied Lizard in case you're all wondering. But I'm guessing you're not.


Charity said...

Well, I wasn't wondering, but my oldest daughter did! :0) Beautiful new yarn, as always!

sophanne said...

Lizard in the house. yipes. I'll stick with the bunnies that the cat brings in.

Laura said...

The yarn is lovely - and sounds like it feels delightful, too! Bummer on the unavailability, though. I'm thinking "Why not socks?" At least they'd be worn and you'd get to enjoy that cashmere!

Mamma said...

don't you love being a mother of boys. My little man has been trying all spring to catch a lizard in the backyard. thankfully he's been unsuccessful. I don't know what I'd do with a lizard in the house. Probably move.

I'm in love with your new yarn. You always have the best taste in colors.

Yarnhog said...

Blue bellies are my favorite lizard (yes, I have a favorite lizard; I also used to have a six-foot boa constrictor). They are so mellow and good tempered that you can usually just pick them up off the ground. We get more alligator lizards in my yard (and house, for that matter), and they are much less friendly.

The tooth fairy is in disgrace at our house. First, she forgot to leave money, and then she forgot to take the tooth. She seems to have lost her enthusiasm for the whole ritual.

Sarah said...

We have some weird dinosaur lizards around here. I like the old green ones myself- the others are ay too fast!

mom said...

Of course, you can't just buy beautiful yarn...you have to have the accessory bags to go with it! Woo hoo!

Are you all healthy now? Is was pretty quiet around here for awhile.

Tammy ~@~

Jani said...

Have you seen this pattern? 120 grams is about the same as 4 oz ... I think :^)


That Juno will be gorgeous in the blue!