Saturday, April 05, 2008

Silken Update

Thank you all so much for your advice! After 24 hours of obsessing over pondering my options, I finally sent an e-mail to the store asking about the significant change in color. They were very quick to respond with an apology and an offer for an exchange or credit.

However, since I wear a significant amount of browns and greens, I'm thinking that the Cedar might be an interesting color to try so I'm still undecided... but am pleased to have the option of exchanging.

Oy. I think I need a decision-making chip for my brain.


Lydee said...

glad they gave you the option to exchange. maybe they read your blog!

sophanne said...

They should have a National Decide with Abandon Day just to let everyone know what it feels like. I'd play for sure.

Anonymous said...

Since your original response was that you didn't like it, why are you having a difficult time deciding whether to trade it for something else? At least they are willing to trade though. That's the sign of a good business.

Donna Boucher said...

I am super happy to hear they were good to you!!!