Tuesday, April 01, 2008

This and That

Thanks for playing along with my movie quote post. That was fun.

As you can tell, I don't have very high standards for movie entertainment. I do enjoy the occasional drama, but usually when I pick out a film, I just want to zone out and laugh.

Anyway, my Shetland Triangle is coming along much quicker than I expected. It is really quick, pleasant knitting and I'm finally seeing a decent dent in my ball of Smooshy.

I had to take a quick detour though and get a start on the Sideways Cardigan featured in the new Vogue Knitting.

Sideways Cardigan

I'm using RYC Cotton Jeans which is knitting up very nicely, although does tend to be a bit splitty so I have to be careful. I love the textured appearance of the colors. I chose to add an extra repeat of the zig-zag to give it a bit more length since I don't feel young or hip enough to wear anything "cropped".

I made an attempt to find some buttons for my finished knits but only had a few minutes and was interrupted by new yarn at the LYS.

Ty-Dy Yarn

It's K1C2 Ty-Dy in "Meadow" for a summer tank (which I am going to knit in the infinite time allotted for knitting that exists only in my mind).

So there you have it. Actual knitting content.

But now I'll give you what I know you're really here for...


This may look like an ordinary goofy boy smile... but it's not. No, this is the extraordinary display of JoJo's first loose tooth! (See it? The one on the bottom.) I've experienced this right of passage with several other children by now, and am well aware of the enthusiasm, joy and growth that this event embodies. But JoJo's reaction is quite different.... and probably best described as obsessive with a touch of anxiety.

"It hurts." "It wiggles." "It still wiggles." "Will it fall out in an apple?" "I'm not eating apples." "I better not eat chips." "Maybe I shouldn't eat until it comes out." "Will it bleed?" "What if it falls out while I'm sleeping." "How long will it take?" "Longer than today?" "How about tomorrow" etc. etc. etc.

Do you think he's too young for therapy?

'Cause one of us is gonna need it!


lynda said...

LOL... I feel your pain, and I hate to tell you, it doesn't get any better. Example, my son, age 22, last week "When do you think my package will get here" "It said is shipped yesterday, do you think it will be here today?" "It shipped UPS ground, do you think that means it'll be here today?" Does UPS have to deliver until the truck is empty, or will they just do the ones they don't have time for tomorrow?" "Tracking says it's in Oxnard this morning, do you think that means it'll be here today?" "How late does UPS deliver?" It's 7:00 pm now, have they ever come later that this?"

Thank the Lord it showed up 5 minutes later.

On example of many ;o)

km said...

Man...I don't get out enough to wear all the sweaters you're knitting. Or...I have a pathetic wardrobe.

JoJo and my 6 could be fast friends with their lost tooth anxiety. I think 6 would still have his last loose tooth if his little brother hadn't lost the 2nd tooth ahead of him.

lahodges said...

Wow, love the new yarn. I'm going to have to check it out tomorrow night when I'm at the LYS...

Anonymous said...

I love your yarn choice on the Vogue sweater. It's a perfect choice (even if it is a bit splitty).

I guess it is time to start knitting tank tops huh? Actually I should finish up the two from last year. ;-)

Stefaneener said...

Oh poor boy. Nope, it's probably a hard-wired thingy. Not going anywhere. Nice sweater start.

sophanne said...

Sometimes when I think about it I realize it's just crazy that teeth fall out of their heads. If that happened to adults, we'd be wigging out too. It's one of those facts of life that we've come to accept but must seem pretty peculiar to someone only on the planet for 5 year.