Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Elinor Continued... and Teenagers

After a pleasant little afternoon nap I started feeling guilty about the amount of time I've spent knitting and sitting in this same ol' spot on the couch so I figured it was time to get some work done. After making the boys clean the kitchen and vacuum (while I attentively supervised), I got up, threw a load of laundry in, and took a picture of Elinor blocking.

Knowing it would be selfish not to share said photo, I forced myself to sit back down so I could post it here.

Elinor Tunic

The fabric is rather stiff in it's natural state but I've heard that it softens up quite a bit with a good soak. I haven't woven the ends in yet around the bottom because I'm fearful I might need to do some frogging and re-shaping on the bottom portion to get the drape I want. But I won't know until it's dry because, as with most things I knit, I'm living on a hope and a prayer until it's completely finished. Don't even mention the 'sw' word to me.

It is pretty though, isn't it. Many of you complimented me on my color selection but I can't take any credit for that at all. The designer, Wendy Bernard, hangs out at the same LYS as me so I asked her to choose the colors.

I must say that I really enjoyed knitting this. Again, it was a quick and interesting knit.

Well, since I was unable to convince my 11 year old that he wanted to learn how to make a meatloaf, I guess I have to go do it myself. Whatever!


Oh... on a side note... I would love to hear your thoughts on the following purely hypothetical situation.

A teenage boy takes an Algebra quiz and scores a B+ (which just so happens to be a great grade for this student). Let's say that the following week, the teacher decides that she is unhappy with the overall scores of the class so she makes a surprise decision to reissue the exact same test and will count each student's best score.

Now suppose, that for some unknown reason, the rather foolish teenage boy (who was thrilled with his prior B+) panics and decides to refer to some notes while taking the 2nd test. For sake of discussion, we'll just call this cheating. For further discussion, imagine he gets caught by the teacher who reports him for Academic Dishonesty.

Now here's the tricky part... while clearly the poor child deserves a punishment (as well as some additional grey matter... I'm thinking if the uterus was located closer to the brain maybe teenagers would inherit more of it's fine qualities and be less of an embarrassment to us mothers as they grow up but that's another discussion entirely), is it fair for the teacher to revoke the previously earned B+ and give him an F on the test?

Just wondering... any solid arguments that could be used to debate the issue would be much appreciated though.


Ruthanne (in Seattle) said...

It doesn't seem fair to me Tammy. . . regarding the algebra test. She did tell them she would take the better of the two grades and that would be the "B+", regardless of the "cheating" issue. Just my 2 cents.

Maria said...

I'd lobby for keeping the B+. Then I'd find a very yucky scrubbing job for him at the school. Think base of toilets in the boys bathroom. He should be rewarded for his good grade, because you want him to continue to work hard. But there should be an equally memorable consequence.

sophanne said...

Hanging with the K&T at the LYS- lucky lucky girl you are.

I'm saying when it's time to "negotiate" the hypothetical situation go in with all deference to the unacceptability of cheating and then go for the B+ though the teacher will no doubt want to know what the odds were of said event happening on the last test. (Just playing devil's advocate from the teacher's world)

Becca said...

You have been breaking all kinds of speed records with your knitting! Whereas I seem to be in some kind of stitch time warp where I knit, but nothing grows. Elinor looks lovely!

Too late now, but the teacher should have given the students the option to retake the test or keep the first grade. I hate those mind game kind of things and I totally get (but don't condone) the panic/cheating. He should be able to keep the B+, but only because I think it's stupid there was a second test, which is not a very convincing argument.

Heather said...

Tough. I'd be less concerned with his all too human cheating in panic and more concerned with the teacher's "do-over". It seems the scores didn't speak well for her teaching abilities, so she backtracks, putting way too much pressure on students who did well, but will now doubt their ability to repeat the performance. I have never encountered a teacher who would have done this unless they were having to prove themselves under pressure also... so I'd say she was the one who cheated first. This behavior of hers sets the whole class back instead of her accepting the fact she wasn't getting the material through to the majority, reevaluating her techniques and focusing on teaching to the ones lagging so they can catch up.
Your son was wrong to cheat and I would guess he has learned his lesson, I don't know as much can be said of his teacher though.

Anonymous said...

One question you'd have to ask him is, did he cheat on the first test?

Lydee said...

let him keep the b+, just watch him like a hawk the next time. ;-)
Elinor looks lovely :-)

Yarnhog said...

My initial reaction was sympathy for the hypothetical kid and anger at the teacher for a dumb decision to re-do the test. But after reading the other comments, I've changed my mind. One test, no matter how important, really does pale in comparison to the character issue involved here. This is a great opportunity for said kid to learn that taking the wrong path just because you're facing a tough situation will get you in all sorts of trouble. I think the F is a reasonable penalty that will hurt just enough. (It's not like cutting off a finger.) If it were one of my kids, I'd probably let him suffer the "natural consequences" of making a poor decision under pressure--not as punishment, but as a hands-on learning experience. Just my two cents.

And Elinor looks fabulous! I can't wait to see a modeled shot (crossing my fingers that it fits).

Anonymous said...

My daughter was caught cheating last year. She and a friend "shared" a paper in computers. I think the friend did all the work and they changed the name on my daughters paper. It was not pretty. I was actually glad she got caught. To my knowledge it was the first and last time for this behavior. I approached the teacher and she was extremely defensive until I told her she was glad that she caught the girls. She was shocked by my words as most parents would have defended their child.
I think the first test should count in this case but like Yarnhog said. This moral issue needs to be addressed.
I would expect the teacher to be defensive and unfriendly when you approach her.
Pray about it!

Elinor looks great!

Shayla said...

I'm in college and I've had teachers have redo tests but they were offered as an option to the students. Also, I was wondering since the student panicked, was the redo a surprise? If it was, I totally sympathize with him and he should get punished but he should also be allowed to keep the B but be punished in another way. Or a letter grade or two should be dropped from either his previous test or the final grade for the class.

Sarah said...

That's not fair. Why do teachers do things like that?

BTW, you are a knitting machine- I'm loving everything flying off your needles