Monday, May 19, 2008

Making the Most of your Money

Well... I can't spend all my time knitting ya know.

I try to stay active in reinvesting my stash funds as well. Actually, I have many fine tips to share in regards to getting the most out of your money in this process. First, you post your much beloved, but woefully neglected stash for sale at a reasonably discounted price. Then, while you're waiting for it to sell (if you have to wait at all), feel free to spend the money you expect to earn at the LYS. After all, you've listed your yarn at a great price so it's sure to sell soon. The money is practically in the bank!

Next, when the yarn actually sells you re-coup the spent money into your Paypal account. Oh, did I say bank before? Well... they're practically the same thing but the LYS doesn't take Paypal and shifting the Paypal funds back into your actual bank account seems like an unnecessary extra step since you know you're going to buy more yarn at some point anyway. So... spend away! Why not? The money is sitting there in Paypal after all!

Anyway, my most series of transactions resulted in the purchase of this Lawre's Baby Bag from The Loopy Ewe.

Lawre's Laine Baby Bag

Since I loved the design, but was at first put off from ordering it by the seemingly small size implied by the name along with the lack of good visual support available in blogland, I'm posting a few photos here for anyone else who may be interested.

This stunning photo is intended to give you a proportional look at the size of the bag. (Note that the bottom is soft, not hard, and does not appear to be so rectangular from a regular perspective but I'm working with an undersized photographer.)

Lawre's Laine Baby Bag

It is very lightweight and fashionable. (I know this because the other day a young, hip gal in the Starbucks line asked me where I'd bought it.) And is deceptively HUGE inside!

Lawre's Laine Baby Bag

It can easily carry my medium size GoKnits pouch with a sweater in progress without seeming bulky. Trust me... you need one of these!

PS: To be completely honest, I truly did forget that I had already spent the expected Paypal funds at the LYS (this time). However, I have a feeling that a conversation with DH regarding said funds is imminent.


janet said...

Hey thanks for the extra pictures. I have the same problem when I order stuff. the purse looks great. I need a yarn tote. so maybe I'll get me one too.

Charity said...

Very nice bag! :0)

km said...

I love the shimmery inside. So far, I'm not on a yarn diet. But, M won't let me bring another bag into the house. Probably has to do with the # of bags I have...and the # of felted bags I made last year that still have no intended recipient.

Yarnhog said...

For a minute there I was afraid you were going to give actual financial advice...which always gives me stress hives, since I am clearly allergic to fiscal responsibility.

Sarah said...

creative financing is key when building your stash ;-)

dawn said...

Don't you love those kind of conversations with the hubby. Mine always go "but honey I really did need more yarn"