Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Vote! Or Not.

As a member of the worldwide knitting community, I feel it's important to refrain from voicing my opinion on controversial issues. I want us to unite... not divide. I want to make friends... not anger people.

But, I'm sorry... I can stand it no longer.

I have to speak my mind and just put it out there come what may. So if you are easily offended or apt to get your panties in a waddle, just move on, because I'm not holding back.

What is up with American Idol???

Did tonight really feature the 4 most exciting young performers that America has to offer??

They went with a safe, talented, yet basically uninteresting group of singers. While there's been a few "wow" moments, tonight was pretty much the epitome of suckdom. (I'm working on getting that word added to the Encarta dictionary at this moment.)

David A: Okay, the kids got talent up the kazoo, but NO stage presence. None. Zip. Zero. BORING. Yet the judges drool over him every week.

David C: Fading fast. Come on... Hungry Like the Wolves??? Unless it's Duran Duran week, there's just no reason to choose that song. None. He had like 50 years of the best Rock and Roll to choose from. 50 years! And he chose Wolves... a song he doesn't really remember because he was a baby. A BABY?! Talk about adding insult to injury.

Jason: "I was thinking Bob Marley! Yeah!" It was the most enthusiasm he's shown to date... and explains a lot actually.

Sayesha: Poor Sa"yes"sha (as I can't still hear Paula's voice taunting me). Why are the judges so hard on her? She was great in auditions... took a while to warm up once the show got going... but has an amazing voice AND... AND is entertaining to watch. I don't get it... except that she has a much more promising future in musical theater than at the Grammys.

Whew! I feel so much better now.

Please feel free to agree with me all you want in the comments!

Oh, if you want to disagree, I guess you can do that too.

Go for it... stir it up.

As for me, I'm rooting for Parvati. Yeah, I know... different show completely... but at least Survivor has been more interesting this season.


Anonymous said...

well, if Jason doesn't go home tonight then there is really something wrong. I also think that the producers are pushing for a David/David finale and are getting concerned because Sayesha is really coming through the past few weeks. Reminiscent of Kimberley Locke with Clay and Rueben.

knittinwolf said...

I think this season is poopy too! Its been so boring to watch. There's no one that stands out like Carrie Underwood did.

Not Parvati...nor the wicked, schizo Natalie (she needs some meds and therapy)! Ya know Eric will probably be leaving this week if the girlies have anything to do with it.

You didn't critique Dancing with the Stars! Think it should have been the guy that got hurt go home. What a nutso to keep dancing with his arm that needs surgery...very smart lets injure it further!
Well you got me on a roll!:) Gonna go find a nice I Love Lucy episode!

Laura said...

I haven't been watching much AI, just reading about it in the paper. But wasn't House fun to watch Monday night?

Donna Boucher said...

I missed David's Hungry Like a Wolf....
I will have to youtube it.

You know what I think.

I would love to take pictures of Jason. That's what I would love to do.

Is he shy and scared and sweet or high?

I prefer Amanda to Poverty.

Yarnhog said...

The fact that Jason's still there at all is astounding. But then, Taylor Hicks won, and he was a joke, too. I didn't watch last night. With Michael and Carly gone, there's no point.

Auntie Pudentaine said...

I was thinking the whole time I was reading "boy, and I glad I don't really watch this show much"...actually in all the seasons I have been very hit and miss with it. I think you are right though, from what I have seen and read elsewhere.

Oh, and I only have television for Survivor (and now House) and the only thing stopping me from trying to be a Survivor is lack of creativity for an audition tape. I seriously would do it!

Double OH! I will be writing about it when my blog story continues, but the only Idol I did like (besides Carrie) was Melinda Doolittle and guess who was on the plane with us coming back from Appalachia?

Anonymous said...

American Idol is not a singing / performing competition, but a popularity contest. Jason should've been voted off looooong ago! Thankfully now I won't have to suffer through one more week of listening to him. I think David A should be picked up by Disney to teach him how to perform on stage. I've never seen such poor song choices in one season. What's wrong with these kids?

lahodges said...

Having watched AI avidly every single season, this is the most boring season they have ever had. The judges seems to be pushing for David A. and I just don't get it.

This is the first season of Idol that I never picked the phone up one time to vote. As far as I'm concerned, they can all go home. I won't be buying any of their CD's.

Angela said...

I have to agree about AI, This season really isn't as good as past Idols. I think it is fading fast. I DO love me some survivor. This girls were so sneaky tonight.

On a side note, when I was blogging today I thought about you. My daughter fell flat on her little face and I thought about your son.